Who were the two major writers of Roman comedy?


Who were the two major writers of Roman comedy?

In the 2nd century bce the two most important comic writers of the Roman theatre, Plautus and Terence (who came from lower-class backgrounds), were both influenced by the New Comedy of the Greeks, and their plays retained the Greek setting and costume.

What was the purpose of Roman Theatre?

In 55 B.C., the first permanent theatre was constructed. Built by Pompey the Great, the main purpose of this structure was actually not for the performance of drama, but rather, to allow current and future rulers a venue with which they could assemble the public and demonstrate their pomp and authority over the masses.

What was the focus of Roman comedies?

What was the focus of Roman comedies? It dramatizes social and cultural values and tells us some of the things that were considered funny in the ancient world, as well as giving us a version of Latin as spoken by people on the street (as opposed to orators in the Senate).

What is Roman comedy based on?

Menander wrote comedies (of which none survive in their entirety) which centred on human dramas, often revolving around the adventures of a wily slave but avoiding satire, politics and religion completely. It was this style of play that was imported to Italy and adopted by Roman culture.

What is stereotypical character?

A Stereotypical Character is a familiar type of character whose label identifies a particular group or segment of society.

Who was the most famous Roman writer of tragedies?

As a playwright, Pacuvius was admired by the Romans for his elevated style, his command of pathos, and his scholarly treatment of obscure Greek mythological themes. Cicero considered him the greatest Roman writer of tragedy up to that time.

Who acted as performers in Roman theaters?

These were all actors of note in their day. Other more insignificant performers are Rupilius, Hilarus, Fufius, Catienus, Panurgus, Eros. Under the Empire Demetrius, Stratocles, Glyco, Apelles, Sophron, Publilius Syrus were the greatest actors of the legitimate drama.