Who made Kreygasm?


Who made Kreygasm?

The origin of the Kreygasm emote can be traced back to the streamer “KreyG”. He submitted the emote in August 2011. At that time the streamer was one of the most famous streamers on Twitch, which made it possible for the emote to spread relatively fast and to gain popularity.

Where did the Kreygasm emote come from?

Kreygasm originated in 2011 when Twitch streamer Kreyg was asked if his likeness could be used for a global chat emote. Around this time, the term “kreygasm” came about in Kreyg’s stream chat, and when Kreyg uploaded this photo to Twitch, it became an official emoticon in September 2011.

Why is Kreygasm a thing?

Kreygasm origin The Kreygasm image appears to have been created in 2011, in response to a recurring joke from one of Kreyg’s Justin.tv streams. According to Kreyg, Justin.tv employee Hassan Bokhari approached him in March 2011, asking him to submit an emote to be used in the global Justin chat.

Why was BlessRNG removed?

BlessRNG banned from Twitch? In June 2020, the BlessRNG emote was removed from the streaming platform due to the confession that Brad Jolly had assaulted his ex-girlfriend. Twitch does not accept this kind of behavior and banned the emote from the platform, a resolution asked by many users.

Who is Seemsgood emote?

The Seemsgood emote is used on Twitch as a thumbs up emote either when someone does something good, or in a sarcastic way.

What did the BlessRNG guy do?

And BlessRNG, whose real name is Brad Jolly, was accused of grabbing a woman by the waist and pulling her toward his pelvis. He later apologized in a statement and encouraged people to cancel him.

What did Brad Jolly do?

He was appointed executive director of governance and legislation at the former Department of Local Government in October 2009. As the executive director of sector regulation and support at the Department of Local Government and Communities, he was responsible for all legislative, statutory and regulatory functions.