Which Indian MBA colleges accept GMAT scores?


Which Indian MBA colleges accept GMAT scores?

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One Year MBA college accepting GMAT Score One Year MBA Program Name
XLRI Jamshedpur PGDM (General Management
Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai PGPM

Do Indian business schools accept GMAT?

The GMAT exam is accepted by more than 200 programs at 140+ business schools in India.

What is a good GMAT score for MBA in India?

The total GMAT score ranges from 200-800, and based on an average estimate, two-thirds of the candidates sitting for GMAT exam obtain a score of 400 to 600. Although GMAT exam’s minimum/maximum score isn’t set on stone, a candidate with a score of 715 and above is considered a good score for top 10 universities.

Does IIT accept GMAT scores for MBA?

Approximately 7,000 MBA as well as Masters programs use GMAT score. MBA from IITs can be sought after appearing in GMAT Entrance exam. Top colleges like IIT Bombay accepts GMAT score (650 Cut-off).

Is GMAT tougher than CAT?

Q: Which exam is tougher? CAT or GMAT? A: the difficulty level of both CAT and GMAT exams is high. However, GMAT is considered easier than CAT as it has a predefined syllabus unlike CAT.

Is GMAT very tough?

Is it difficult or an easy exam? GMAT is taken by more than 200,000 people annually and only 6% of the total takers score 720 or more. What we can understand from these data points is that GMAT is a hard exam and it takes effort to score 700+.

Does IIM Ahmedabad accept GMAT?

IIMA PGPX Admission Process is through GMAT and GRE Score. The average GMAT score is 702 while average GRE score is 320 for the students admitted to One Year MBA at IIM Ahmedabad.

Is GMAT better than cat?

GMAT is good for those who are already working, while CAT is good for those who want to do their MBA immediately after their bachelor’s in India. In the end, it is totally up to the applicants which exam they want to sit for. Applicants should choose the exam which is more appropriate for them.