How do I contact Copa Airlines?


How do I contact Copa Airlines?

  1. Argentina. All cities. Call free via Web.
  2. Aruba. All cities. 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)
  3. Bahamas. All cities. 1 800 389 0772.
  4. Barbados. All cities. 1 800 744 2359.
  5. Belice. All cities. 1 800 FLY COPA (359 2672)
  6. Bolivia. All cities. Call free via Web.
  7. Canada. All cities. 1 647 493 5022.
  8. Chile. All cities. (562) 2573 9318 o (562) 2840 2641.

Does Copa Airlines fly to Bolivia?

Copa Airlines offers flights to Bolivia that bring it closer to the rest of the continent.

How do I change my Copa flight?

Contact Copa Airlines You can contact them by via call (+1-802-308-3254) or via email. The customer care service is provided round the clock i.e. 24*7, so you can feel free to call them anytime and get the required information or make the desired alterations.

Are United and Copa the same?

Copa Club. Copa Club is the membership airport lounge program of Copa Airlines jointly operated with United Airlines. Copa Club lounge is located in its hub at Tocumen International Airport, Panama City, Panama.

Who owns Copa Airline?

Copa HoldingsCopa Airlines / Parent organization

Is Copa Airlines owned by United?

As we know, United and Continental merged in 2010 into one company. Eventually, Copa Airlines bought back the stakes it sold in 1998 but retained the look. As of July 2020, Copa Airlines is in the Star Alliance, serves 78 international destinations in 33 countries.

Is Copa part of American Airlines?

It is headquartered in Panama City, Panama, with its main hub at Tocumen International Airport. Copa is a subsidiary of Copa Holdings, S.A. as well as a member of Star Alliance….Copa Airlines.

Founded 21 June 1944
Commenced operations 15 August 1947
Hubs Tocumen International Airport (Panama City)

Who owns Copa Air?

Is Copa owned by United?