Does the Idris have a hanger?


Does the Idris have a hanger?

It also doesn’t come with the infamous spinal mount gun as standard. It can carry two medium fighters in its main hangar as standard complement, plus an Argo MPUV-1P in a dedicated bay….Tools.

Manufacturer Aegis Dynamics (AEGS)
Role Frigate
Size Capital
Crew 8 – 28

How much HP does an Idris have?

SC leaks has posted some stats for the Idris extracted from PTU game files (the PTU is out in the open now, so it’s no longer under NDA), and they’re insane. The Idris’s shield generators have 2,168,656 health and regenerate at 15,891 hp/s, and the Idris’s hull has 1,100,000 hp, compared to the 890 jump’s 100,000 hp.

Is the Idris in Star Citizen?

The Aegis Idris-M (Idris Military) is a frigate used by the UEE Military. It lends its name to the standard line of frigates in the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN). Idrises are larger than traditional corvettes, but smaller than destroyers and destroyer escorts….Tools.

Introduction 2551 CE; 401 years ago

Can you upgrade to an Idris Star Citizen?

Idris-P After Market Kit is an upgrade kit that converts any ship in the Idris series into Idris-K.

What is the Idris K?

The Idris-K is a weapon kit for the upcoming Idris-M and Idris-P frigates. The kit contains ship weapons to add additional offensive capabilities to a Idris-P or replace existing weapons on a Idris-M.

Can you buy an Idris?

You can get an Idris-M, along with a bunch of other ships, at literally any time you want if you’re willing to spend $15000. The package containing Idris-P is a bargain at $6400.

How do you spawn Idris in Star Citizen?

Just hang around Hurston and eventually you will get an appointment to go see Miles again. He will give you the first bounty mission of it’s kind. It’s 2 bounties in Hurston and 1 in Crusader. After you do that mission, you will get several of the same type spawning up for you.

What is the Idris-K?

Will Cutlass fit in Idris?

Cutlass Red will fit into Idris (the opening behind the ramp is as big as the ramp itself)

How much is the Idris K?

It can carry two medium fighters in it’s main hangar as standard complement, plus an Argo MPUV-1C in a dedicated bay….Tools.

Standalone $1,800
Original $1,550
Warbond $1,550
Original $1,550