How do I contact Brad Hazzard?


How do I contact Brad Hazzard?

To ensure the speediest handling of messages, please select the correct address….The Hon. (Brad) Bradley Ronald HAZZARD, BA, DipEd, LLB(NSW), LLM(Syd) MP.

A The Hon. Brad Hazzard, MP Shop 3 637-641 Pittwater Road DEE WHY NSW 2099
P (02) 9981 1111
F (02) 9981 5059
E [email protected]

Who is Brad Hazzard wife?

Nicole Hazzard
Brad Hazzard

The Honourable Brad Hazzard MP
Born 30 August 1951 Sydney
Political party Liberal Party
Spouse(s) Nicole Hazzard ​ ( m. 2020)​
Children 2

Who is Nicole Hazzard?

Know About Brad Hazzard’s Wife Nicole Nicole is the second wife of Brad. Nicole and Hazzard tied their knot last year in February 2020. Their wedding was at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Brad Hazzard describes his February 2020 wedding as a miracle.

What school did Brad Hazzard go to?

Northern Beaches Secondary College Manly Campus
UNSW SydneyMacquarie UniversityThe University of Sydney
Brad Hazzard/Education

Which minister is in charge of Medicare?

Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC.

Who is the current Australian Health Minister?

Greg Hunt
The Minister for Health and Aged Care is the position in the Australian cabinet responsible for national health and wellbeing and medical research. Greg Hunt has served as Minister for Health since 2017….

Minister for Health and Aged Care
Incumbent Greg Hunt since 28 August 2018
Department of Health
Style The Honourable

How old is Hazzard?

70 years (August 30, 1951)Brad Hazzard / Age

How old is Dr Kerry Chant?

Dr Kerry Chant’s age seems to be between the range of 45-50 years old. However, we are not aware of her exact age as she has yet to reveal her exact birth details to the media or the general public. Kerry, an Australian citizen, has also worked in the New South Wales health department for the past 26 years.

What is Brad Hazzard qualifications?

Brad is a lifelong resident of the Northern Beaches. He attended Manly West Public School and Manly Boys High School. After his school days, Brad graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Science) and a Diploma of Education.

Who is the current NSW Health Minister?

Bronnie Taylor
Regional health

Title Minister Time in office
Minister for Regional Health Bronnie Taylor 96 days

Who is the minister for public housing?

Our new Minister with responsibility for the people management of public and community housing in NSW is Natasha MacLaren-Jones as the Minister for Families and Communities.

Who is the disability minister?

Minister of State for Disabled People, Work and Health
Incumbent Chloe Smith since 16 September 2021
Department for Work and Pensions
Appointer Elizabeth II
Formation 1974

Who is Bradley Ronald Hazzard?

The suits were filed against NSW Health and Medical Research Minister Bradley Ronald Hazzard, who issued the order. The NSW Government – Health had implemented the Delta Order “to deal with the public health risk of COVID-19 and its possible consequences.”

F (02) 9981 5059 E [email protected] Ministerial Office A The Hon. Brad Hazzard, MP 52 Martin Place SYDNEY NSW 2000 Postal The Hon. Brad Hazzard MP GPO Box 5341 SYDNEY NSW 2001 P (02) 8574 6000

What is Brad Hazzard’s position on abortion?

In August 2019, Brad Hazzard came out in support of removing abortion as a criminal offence (after 119 years within the NSW Crimes Act 1900 section (s) 82–84) via a bill he co-sponsored with 14 others of all different political parties and independents. The bill passed the parliament on 26 September 2019.

Who is Mark Hazzard and why does he matter?

Hazzard was pre-selected as Liberal Party candidate for Wakehurst in April 1991, ahead of the sitting Liberal Party member John Booth. He was elected to NSW Legislative Assembly in 1991 and sat in the backbench during the Greiner and Fahey governments.