How do I change administrator password to another user?


How do I change administrator password to another user?

Change other User Password from Admin account

  1. Open the Control Panel, and click on the User Accounts icon.
  2. Click on the Manage another account link.
  3. If prompted by User Account Control, click on Yes.
  4. Click on a local account that you want to change or remove the password of.
  5. Click on Change the password.

How do I find another user’s password in Windows 10?

Open the Control Panel and go to > User Accounts > User Accounts (click the title again) > Manager another user account > Select the account > Change the password > Enter the new password and select change password. You can now login with the secondary account by signing out or rebooting the machine.

Can Administrator see user passwords?

The administrators have access to most of the profile fields directly in the admin area, and of course through database. New or custom fields in user profiles can be coded with or without admin access, that is totally up to you. So I don’t get the point to getting the users passwords. This is reasonable.

Can a website know your password?

Websites can’t just email you your password because they don’t know what it is! Instead, they reset your password with a temporary one or ask you to set a new one so that they can update the record they have for you.

Can Gsuite Admin see password?

Admins can already see which passwords in their domain are weak; enabling this setting will allow admins to force users with weak passwords to change them.

Why do websites ask you to reset your password when you forget it and not give you your password directly from their database?

Because they donot know your password too. Everytime you sign-up for a website and enter your password, it will then be converted to its hash and stored in the database.

What websites am I on?

To reach this, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Google Account Settings.
  • Click on Security in the menu on the left.
  • Scroll to Connected applications and sites.
  • Click Manage access.
  • Review the list of websites and revoke access if needed.