How do I add a link to my Google sites logo?


How do I add a link to my Google sites logo?

Add a link

  1. On a computer, open a site in classic Google Sites.
  2. Click where you want to add a link, or highlight the text that you want to link.
  3. In the toolbar, click Link .
  4. Select an option.
  5. Click OK.

What is the image size for Google sites header?

Recommended website header image pixel size for your website 1280px. 1366px. 1440px. 1600px.

How do I add a header image in Google sites?

On a computer, open a site in new Google Sites. Point to the header and click Header type. Choose a size for the header. To publish your changes, at the top right, click Publish.

How do I make a logo a URL?

Log in to your website’s control panel and upload the “. ico” file to your domain’s root directory. Web browsers will automatically search for the Favicon. ico file in a site’s root directory, and the image will appear in the address bar, favorites list and bookmarks for your website.

How do I link a URL to an image?

Turn an image in your email into a clickable link

  1. Copy the URL you want to link to your image.
  2. Drag-and-drop the image that you want to turn into a link into your template.
  3. Click the image to open the toolbar, then click the link icon and select “Web Page” from the drop-down.

How do I make my logo bigger on Google Sites?

First, go to the gear logo in the top right and choose ‘Manage Site Layout’. Next, simply click on the header and you will see a pop-up for ‘configure site header’. Your options here will allow you to change the size of the logo‚Ķ I recommend using the logo size.

What is a website header image?

A website header is the top section of the web page. Back in the day, people understood headers as narrow strips in the top parts of the websites that contained a logo, a call to action, and contact information. But in modern design, the whole space above the fold of the homepage is considered a header.

How do I make an image a header for a website?

Go to “File – Page Setup” menu to open the setting window. Then choose the appropriate size from the drop-down menu. The nearest choice for a web header is “Banner”, but that might not be what you need. If the size that you want is not on the list, you can always adjust the size manually.

How do you add shapes to Google sites?

To add a shape to your project:

  1. Click and hold the Pen tool in the toolbar.
  2. Select the shape you want to use from the pop-up menu.
  3. Optionally, customize the shape by changing the stroke and color attributes in the tool options bar at the top.

How do I make an image a button in Google Sites?

Add a link to an image – new Google Sites

  1. Select the image (i.e. click on the image)
  2. Use the Insert link button on the image toolbar that appears (looks like a link in a chain)
  3. Enter the link by either: Search for or choose the page from This site to link to.
  4. Use the Apply button.