What is the detergent like substance that keeps alveoli from collapsing?


What is the detergent like substance that keeps alveoli from collapsing?

Within the alveoli of our lungs there is a complex substance called pulmonary surfactant (composed of phospholipids and proteins). This substance acts in a similar way to the detergent acting on water. Inside each alveolus is a thin layer of polar fluid that contains a relatively high surface tension.

What keeps the alveoli from collapsing between breaths?

Surfactant is secreted in the alveoli to optimize surface tension. In terms of lung compliance, the greater the volume increase for a given rise in pressure, the greater the compliance.

What is the detergent like substance that keeps the alveoli from collapsing between breaths because it reduces the surface tension of the water film in the alveoli?

The detergent-like substance, surfactant, markedly reduces this surface tension and thereby increases lung compliance. Lung surfactant is synthesized by the alveolar type II cell and secreted into the alveolar space by stretching the type II cells during breathing.

What keeps the alveolar dry?

Surface tension draws fluid from capillaries to the alveolar spaces. Surfactant reduces fluid accumulation and keeps the airways dry by reducing surface tension.

What causes surfactant?

Surfactant is synthesized and secreted by Type II alveolar epithelial cells, also called pneumocytes, which differentiate between 24 and 34 weeks of gestation in the human. It is made up of 70% to 80% phospholipids, approximately 10% protein and 10% neutral lipids, mainly cholesterol [3].

What is surfactant made of?

Surfactant is a secretory product, composed of lipids and proteins. Phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylglycerol are the major lipid constituents and SP-A, SP-B, SP-C, SP-D are four types of surfactant associated proteins.

How surface tension keeps the alveoli dry?

Explanation: Surfactant helps keep the alveoli relatively “dry” – a high surface tension would suck fluid away from the alveolar walls into the alveolar space but with the decreased surface tension provided by surfactant, the alveolar space is maintained in a “relatively dry state” (ie.

How can I prevent my dog from having a collapsed trachea?

At this time there is no known prevention for tracheal collapse, although reducing weight or exposure to airway irritants such as smoke may help. About 70% of dogs that are treated with medical management alone will show some improvement. About 75% of dogs improve after surgical placement of rings.

What prevents the trachea from collapsing quizlet?

The trachea contains C-shaped tracheal cartilaginous rings (hyaline cartilage), which prevent it from collapsing in the thoracic cavity.