How big was the sub in Atlantis Lost Empire?


How big was the sub in Atlantis Lost Empire?

The Ulysses is massive, much larger than the average submarine in that time. It is big enough to house up to two hundred crewmen and passengers, as well as numerous other vehicles while still maintaining some moving space within….Ulysses.

Weight 18,750 tons (in dry dock)
Speed 18 knots
Crew 201
Status Destroyed

What was the name of the submarine in Atlantis?

The Ulysses
The Ulysses is a vehicle from Atlantis: The Lost Empire. It is a submarine developed by Whitmore Industries to serve as the primary transportation vessel in the expedition to find Atlantis.

How did Atlantis sink in Atlantis: The Lost Empire?

But they became greedy, petty, and “morally bankrupt,” and the gods “became angry because the people had lost their way and turned to immoral pursuits,” Orser says. As punishment, he says, the gods sent “one terrible night of fire and earthquakes” that caused Atlantis to sink into the sea.

How big is the leviathan in Atlantis?

The Leviathan itself. It’s a crustacean-shaped Magitek Mechanical Monster with glowing red eyes and a deadly particle beam Wave-Motion Gun. Official measurements of the Ulysses state that it is 115 meters (roughly 377 feet) in length.

How big is Ulysses?

The ship Ulysses , 340 tons, was built in Haverhill and registered in Salem in 1798; William Gray, owner, Josiah Orne, master. She was 100 1/2 feet long, 28 feet wide, and 13 feet 10 1/2 inches deep.

Who is the Princess of Atlantis?

Kidagakash Nedakh
Kidagakash Nedakh (Kida) is a character in Atlantis: The Lost Empire who is Princess/Queen of the lost continent of Atlantis. She would reappear in the direct-to-video sequel Atlantis: Milo’s Return. She is the deuteragonist in both films.

How old is Audrey from Atlantis?

Age 23

Audrey Ramirez
Birthdate 1891 (Age 23)
Birthplace Dearborn, Michigan
Gender Female
Family Manuel Ramirez (Father); Ana Ramirez (Mother); Nena Ramirez (Older Sister)

Where is Atlantis submarine located?

With Atlantis Submarines, you explore depths of Hawaii’s ocean waters 100 feet below the surface and “swim” amidst schools of beautiful fish in the world’s most technologically advanced passenger submarine.

Who owns Atlantis Submarine?

Dennis Hurd
Atlantis was founded by current president and CEO Dennis Hurd, a former designer of submersibles for North Sea oil rigs, with US$3 million borrowed from friends and relatives. The company launched the world’s first commercial passenger submarine tours in Grand Cayman in 1986.