How big should pant leg opening be?


How big should pant leg opening be?

However, more fashion-forward leg opening widths, those on the extremes, can vary greatly. Traditional ankle widths are between 7-8 1/2″ and that changes slightly depending on the pant size. Pant leg opening measurements may change 1/8″ for each size up or down. A (left) is the original at 7 1/4″.

What is the leg opening on slim fit pants?

We measured the average difference between the knee and leg opening measurements on a slim fit to be 2.1”. Compare that to straight fit, which we measured to be 1.1”. Likewise, because straight fit is a crossover term, straight jeans can have many different seat widths.

How do Bonobos pants run?

Here’s a quick rundown: Tailored: Our narrowest fit in the seat and upper thigh with a distinct taper from the mid thigh down. Slim: Trim, but not tight, in the seat with a moderate taper from the mid thigh down. Athletic: Roomy in the seat and thigh with a distinct taper below the knee for a fitted look.

What is leg opening circumference?

The leg opening measures the circumference of each pant leg. To find this measurement, lay the garment on a flat surface and simply measure the width of the pant leg’s opening from one side of the other.

Can a tailor make leg opening smaller?

Tapering the legs can certainly be done by a trusted tailor. The tailor will open the legs of the pants and remove fabric, tapering down to the bottom. You can do this by trusting the tailor to pin and sew, or you can control the process a bit more.

What is a straight leg opening?

Straight Leg: Straight leg jeans have the same width from the knee to the leg opening hence the “straight” effect. They’re perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to go to the skinny jean extreme, but still want that stream lined effect.

What is jeans knee opening?

KNEE- measured 14″ down from the inseam straight across to the outside of the pant leg. LEG OPENING- measured straight across at the hem.

Will bonobos chinos shrink?

Despite strictly following careful and garment-appropriate laundering practices, the majority of my more recent Bonobos clothes have shrunk significantly in the laundry.

How do you measure legs for pants?


  1. Stand up straight with your legs slightly open.
  2. Place the top of the tape measure on your inner thigh, stay the closest to the crotch as possible.
  3. Pull the tape measure tight and run it down to the bottom of your ankle (just below the ankle bone that sticks out)

Can a tailor make leg opening bigger?

Yes, a tailor can make pant legs wider. Typically, there is a bit of extra fabric wrapped into the stitching of the inseam, about ¼ to ¾ of an inch wide. If you want to widen your jeans beyond just the excess inseam fabric, you’ll definitely want to consult with a tailor to discuss your options.