Does Dunkin Donuts have mocha iced coffee?


Does Dunkin Donuts have mocha iced coffee?

Mocha Iced Coffee | Dunkin Anytime. Enjoy Mocha Iced Coffee and satisfy your craving for rich, chocolatey goodness with the kick you need to help power through your day.

What’s in Dunkin Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee?

Ingredients Coffee (Water, Coffee), Skim Milk, Sugar, Cream, Cocoa (Made with Alkali), Potassium Phosphate, Pectin….Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee.

Total Fat 9g 12%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 35mg 12%
Sodium 100mg 4%
Potassium 600mg 15%

How many calories are in a Dunkin Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 110 (460 kJ)
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 25 mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 25 g 8%
Dietary Fiber 1 g 4%

How many calories are in a Dunkin Donuts black iced coffee?

Healthiest: Cold Brew Coffee When you drink it black, Dunkin’s Cold Brew Coffee has just 10 calories and lots of caffeine.

How much caffeine is in a Dunkin Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee?

186 mg
The familiar, rich flavor of Dunkin’ coffee combines with the chocolatey taste of mocha, giving your taste buds something to write home about. And with 186 mg of caffeine per bottle, you’re getting more than one cup ‘o joe’s worth of pep in your step.

What is in a Dunkin Donuts iced mocha latte?

Made with milk blended with our rich, freshly ground and brewed espresso, our Iced Latte has the perfect balance of cool and creamy to get you goin’. Our Iced Lattes are not regularly made with Whipped Cream. Whipped Cream is available upon request as an add-on.

How much caffeine is in Dunkin Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee?

Delectable mocha flavor to perk up your day and your taste buds. 13.7 fl oz bottle best served iced—like the name says! Each ready-to-drink bottle contains 186 mg of caffeine to keep you runnin’ on Dunkin’. Rich, smooth coffee and milk beverage.

How many calories are in a Dunkin Donuts mocha iced coffee with cream?

260 calories
Coffee Mocha Swirl Iced With Cream Medium (24 fl oz) contains 42g total carbs, 40g net carbs, 9g fat, 3g protein, and 260 calories.

How many calories in a large mocha iced coffee from Dunkin?

290 calories
There are 290 calories in 1 bottle (13.7 oz) of Dunkin’ Donuts Mocha Iced Coffee….Edit this item.

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What is the lowest calorie coffee at Dunkin Donuts?

Basically, if you want to enjoy a coffee drink for the fewest number of calories, the way to go is:

  • -a hot or iced latte lite (made with skim milk and no calorie sweetener)
  • -a hot or iced macchiato or cappuccino with skim milk and no-calorie sweetener, or.
  • -regular or cold brew coffee with skim milk.

What is Dunkin mocha Swirl?

The mocha swirl adds a rich, chocolate flavor to coffee drinks, which complements the boldness of the beans. The flavor isn’t sickly sweet either, making it one of the best coffee flavors at Dunkin for those who don’t like adding sugar to their drinks. Instead, the mocha swirl amplifies the coffee flavor.