Can LED Grow SPS?


Can LED Grow SPS?

All of the LED will grow sps equally. None is better than another.

How many hours of light do you need for SPS?

The zooxanthellae only do photosynthesis for 4 to 6 hours (the bright part of the tropical day from 10am to 4pm). Anything more than 6 hours of full light isn’t used by the coral. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s not needed.

What Kelvin is SPS?

The 9,000 to 10,000K lamps generally produce very good growth rate for soft and LPS corals but slows down growth of SPS corals. The 14,000K lamps which are popular with metal halide and LED lighting will penetrate the water better than the above lamps and still provide a good PAR level for all corals including SPS.

How do you color in SPS?

I believe how you keep sps colored or color up brown corals is you need to:

  1. Have good lighting. ( T5, MH or Radions)
  2. have clean water (low phosphates, low nitrates, etc.
  3. Keep a steady water change schedule (I change 10-30% weekly)
  4. Keep your parameters stable (Alk, Cal, Mag)
  5. Test daily or weekly. (

What Colour light is best for corals?

blue spectrum
Efficient photosynthesis requires not only adequate light intensity but also the correct spectrum of light. Terrestrial plants, like those found in our garden, favor colors in the yellow, orange, and red range while corals favor colors in the blue spectrum.

How do I reset my Maxspect light?

To reset the Ethereal, just disconnect power, press and hold the control dial then reconnect power. Once the power has been resumed while the control dial is pressed, you can see the RGB light flashing red and green, then let go of the control dial, then press and hold it for 5 seconds, the Ethereal is now reset.

What color light is best for coral?

Do corals need blue or white light?

The sun, which burns at 6,000 K, produces yellow light. An 8,000 to 10,000 K range produces white light, while blue light is generated at 15,000 to 25,000 K. That said, higher Kelvin bulbs – following the recommended PAR – are best for giving your corals the blue light they need.