Are Rapido motorhomes any good?


Are Rapido motorhomes any good?

The Rapido Motorhome itself is brilliant and suits our needs layout wise and we are more than happy with the excellent quality of the workmanship. I would say be wary of which dealership you go to. Although this is the first Rapido motorhome that we have owned, we certainly would buy another Rapido without hesitation.

Are Rapido motorhomes winterised?

Rapido do double floor models in other ranges. The higher end coachbuilts and a-classes from Germany tend to be fully winterised. A second hand fully winterised German van is a good option.

Who make Rapido motorhomes?

In 2014, Pierre ROUSSEAU’s son Nicolas joined the company and took over the management of sales and marketing. The passion for this product has been kindled in a third generation. RAPIDO has evolved from a quality French brand into a European group, becoming a market leader in motor homes.

Where is Rapido motorhome made?

Other acquisitions include the Italian company P.L.A. in 2016 (with the subsidiary Giottiline) and two more van producers in 2017, the French brand, Stylevan, and the British brand, WildAx. Currently the Rapido Group employs 1,300 people, with 500 of these at Mayenne, France, the main production site created in 1975.

Who owns Rapido?

Aravind Sanka
Rapido’s co-founder & CEO Aravind Sanka told ET in a chat that the new capital will be used in brand building, hiring talent, and going deeper into existing markets across its three offerings—bikes taxis, auto services and logistics and on-demand delivery.

How much we can earn through Rapido?

Average Rapido Captain salary in India is ₹ 1.5 Lakhs per year for employees with less than 1 year of experience to 8 years. Captain salary at Rapido ranges between ₹ 0.3 Lakhs to ₹ 2.4 Lakhs per year.

How much does Rapido charge per km?

The base price for the service will be ₹ 35 for 2 km, and ₹ 15 per kilometer after the initial 2 km distance covered. Users will be able to track their orders through an Order Tracking URL which will be shared with them through SMS.

Why is Rapido banned?

In February 2020, Rapido was banned across Assam, after the transport department found that the company was operating without commercial license or permit from the DTO.

When did the Rapido Le randonneur 962m motor home come out?

Rapido Le Randonneur 962m 2003 The Rapido Le Randonneur 962m was manufactured by Rapido in 2003. This a class motor home sleeps 4 and is based on a Mercedes chassis.

Is the Rapido 992m a good touring motorhome?

It looks sleek, but find out how the Rapido 992M performs in the tough Practical Motorhome review Rapido aims to provide a luxurious touring environment with its A-class ’vans, and the 992M offers that in spades. Attractive appearance; quality of fixtures and fittings; impressive level of winterisation.

Where can I find the instructions for my Rapido motorhome electrical equipment?

When you took delivery of your Rapido motorhome, you received an envelope containing documentation. For each item of domestic electrical equipment you will find a specific set of instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the appliance. It is vital to read these instructions before use.

What kind of engine does a Rapido Le randonneur have?

The Rapido Le Randonneur 962m was manufactured by Rapido in 2003. This a class motor home sleeps 4 and is based on a Mercedes chassis. Power is provided by a 2200 cc diesel engine. Please note that this information is collected through our own research and details submitted by our kind users.