Why is my KCMO water bill so high?


Why is my KCMO water bill so high?

KC Water adjusts wastewater charges for residential accounts during the months of May through December. The adjusted charges are based on the assumption that residential customers use more water during the summer months, much of which does not enter the sewer system (e.g., lawn irrigation, swimming pools, etc.).

What is the average water bill in Kansas City?

The FY22 Average Residential Bill will be $109.67 per month, which includes $40.62 for water (based on actual average monthly usage of 5.30 CCF, or 3,964 gallons), $66.55 for wastewater (based on actual average monthly usage of 4.41 CCF, or 3,299 gallons), and $2.50 for stormwater (based on an average of 2,500 square …

How much does water cost in Missouri?

In Missouri, those individual averages noted are $115.60 for electric, $76.55 for natural gas, $70.39 for water, $60 for internet and $85 for cable.

Does Kansas City have water?

Kansas City has high-quality drinking water, without the taste or smell drawbacks that some water companies experience. The intake from the river is north of North Kansas City, off Missouri 9.

What are wastewater charges KC Water?

What’s this other wastewater charge on my bill, the Wastewater Service Charge? The Wastewater Service Charge ($23.94 per month) is a set charge that covers in part the cost of providing various wastewater services. It applies whether or not wastewater is actually discharged to the city sewer during the billing period.

How much does water cost per gallon in Missouri?

Standard Residential Service Rates

Monthly Minimum: Water Included w/ Minimum Bill: $15.75 1000 /gallons
Tier (gal.): $/1,000 gal.:
0-1000 15.75
1001-6000 13.93
6001-10000 12.56

How much is the average gas bill in Missouri?

Gas bill monthly averages by state

State Average Gas Bill
Missouri $123.20
Montana $52.12
Nebraska $80.33
Nevada $70.82

Does Kansas City Missouri have hard water?

Water Hardness Summary Kansas City, the most populous city in Missouri has moderately hard water according to USGS measures, at 114 PPM.

Is KCMO tap water safe to drink?

The safety of your drinking water is our top priority. KC Water meets or exceeds federal and state regulations for water safety. We regularly monitor the water you receive for more than 250 organic and inorganic constituents.