Why does my thermostat say auxiliary heat is on?


Why does my thermostat say auxiliary heat is on?

When you see the “aux” heat indicator on your thermostat it means your heat pump needed some help reaching the desired temperature. It turns on automatically when the temperature falls about two degrees below the desired setting and turns off automatically when the target temperature is reached.

Why is my AUX heat blowing cold air?

Heat Pumps They also use auxiliary heat strips if the outside temperature is extremely cold. If these strips malfunction, the heat pump will blow cold air. Just like in the summer, the system requires the proper level of refrigerant. If the level is low, the heat pump cannot transfer heat efficiently.

How often should AUX heat come on?

Homeowners should anticipate the auxiliary heat coming on when they raise the thermostat’s set temperature by three degrees or more. Your heating system needs to operate with auxiliary heat to keep up with the household’s new needs.

Why is my heat not shutting off?

If your heater won’t turn off, the first thing you do is check the thermostat. The thermostat controls how the heating system runs. It detects the indoor temperature and signals the furnace to start or stop. So, if the thermostat malfunctions, it can signal the unit to run continuously.

How do I fix my auxiliary heat?

The best way to troubleshoot auxiliary heat is by checking the supply and return air vents. If these are blocked, then this could lead to a lack of heating from your auxiliary unit. You should also check the filters in the furnace and clean them out if they’re dirty.

How do I stop using auxiliary heat?

Tips for Avoiding AUX Heat Issues

  1. Schedule preventative maintenance every six months.
  2. Clean the areas around the outdoor HVAC unit regularly.
  3. Keep ducts and heat vents free of clutter.
  4. Don’t use the emergency heating setting for normal heating.
  5. Clean or replace the heat pump filter every month or two.

Why is my heat constantly running?

Your Air Filter Needs To Be Cleaned For a heat pump to run efficiently, it needs a supply of fresh, clean air. If the filter becomes clogged, the heat pump will have to run continuously to keep your home comfortable. Replacing or cleaning the filter can fix this problem.

How do I know if my auxiliary heat is working?

Just feed the electronic probe into the supply outlet. If the heat pump is off you will know it. You cannot heat a house with 55 degree air.