Why do we have different size toes?


Why do we have different size toes?

Metatarsal bones are located in the middle of your foot, and also connect to the bones in the back of the foot (tarsals). If you have Morton’s toe, the metatarsal connected to your big toe is shorter than the second metatarsal and voilĂ , you have a longer second toe.

Why is my one toe bigger than the other?

A Morton’s toe otherwise called Morton’s foot or Greek foot or Royal toe is characterized by a longer second toe. This is because the first metatarsal, behind the big toe, is short compared to the second metatarsal, next to it.

Are your toes supposed to be the same size?

Almost all human beings have two different sized feet. While the difference is infinitesimal in some, it is more noticeable in others.

Whats it mean when the second toe is longer than the big toe?

If your second toe is longer than your big toe, you’re in good company. One in five people have Morton’s Toe, as it is called, and while it’s no cause for alarm, it can lead to biomechanical problems that result in forefoot pain, plantar fasciitis and stress fractures.

Why do my toes look different on each foot?

If one or more of your toes are crooked or curled under, you may have hammer, mallet, or claw toe. Your foot has a strange shape because the muscles, tendons, or ligaments that surround your toe aren’t balanced. This causes the toes to bend in an odd position. Your toe may hurt.

Why is my second toe shorter than my third toe?

Brachymetatarsia is a condition where one of your metatarsals has a significantly shortened bone, causing that toe to be much shorter than the other four. The fourth metatarsal, located next to your little toe, is the most common toe to be affected.

How can I make my second toe smaller?

A second metatarsal shortening osteotomy is a procedure that cuts and shortens the second metatarsal. The goals of shortening the metatarsal are to decrease pain at the base of the second toe (in the ball of the foot) and/or help straighten out the second toe.