Why do Bontoc cover their body with tattoo?


Why do Bontoc cover their body with tattoo?

The Bontoc traditionally covered their bodies with elaborate tattoos. For women, these were purely for decorative purposes, and they are still commonly seen today. Men had to earn their tattoos by killing enemies in inter-tribal conflicts.

What does tattoo of Bontoc symbolize?

Among the Bontoc people of Mountain Province, tattoos are known as fatek. Bontoc women tattoo their arms to enhance their beauty or to signify their readiness for marriage. The arms were the most visible parts of the body during traditional dances.

Is a tattoo given to the Bontoc warriors?

1900-1920. Facial markings indicate their status as warriors of the highest rank. Bontoc warriors oftentimes tattooed over scars received on the field of battle.

Why do igorots have tattoos?

Tattooing was also considered a sign of rank and power in the Igorot community. These tattoos could only be earned by accomplishing a specific task, or as a rite of passage. Men had tattoos on their chests and heads primarily as signs of their strength as warriors.

What is Bontoc famous for?

Bontoc is the first mining town in this mountainous region of North Luzon and a must-see is the Museum of Mountain Culture which has the most complete collection of tribal memorabilia and historical data.

What is the attire of Bontoc?

Bontoc Igorots have cloth (Igorot tapis) that is made from plants, like the bejuco, which refers to a kind of cane or rattan palm. Men wear them as girdles (commonly identified as G-strings) while women wear them as a girdle and a wrap-around skirt called lufid.

How do the Bontoc live?

The Bontok (also known as Bontoc Igorots) live in and around the town of Bontoc in the Cordillera of Luzon, and speak several closely related languages. Historically they lived in large villages or towns (often called ‘pueblos’) and cultivated rice using a sophisticated system of terraces.

What do Filipino tribal tattoos mean?

Filipino tribal tattoos offered men protection, represented a tribe member’s bravery in battle, or signified their tribe status. As with many forms of indigenous tattooing, repetitive, meticulous patterns were commonplace, as opposed to the elaborate, photo-realistic images often seen in modern Western tattooing.

What is the idea of tattooing of the Kalinga tribe?

For the men of the tribe, tattoos represent courage and the stages of being a Kalinga warrior, while for women they symbolise maturity, fertility and beauty.

Who is the God of Bontoc?

Lumawig is the greatest of all the spirits and is their creator. Mayinit (today, called Mainit) and Samoki are both barangays in the municipality of Bontoc, Mountain Province, that maintain the trades given to them by Lumawig until today.

Is Bontoc an Igorot?

With a total population of about 65,000 (NSO 1980) the Bontoc (Bontok, Bontoc Igorot, Igorot, Guianes) are found in the Mountain Province of the Cordillera mountain ranges in the upper Chico river region.