Why did Margaret Peterson Haddix wrote among the hidden?


Why did Margaret Peterson Haddix wrote among the hidden?

Margaret Peterson Haddix began writing Among the Hidden after discussions with her husband regarding if they wanted to have more than two children, which developed into conversations concerning overpopulation, the earth’s limited resources, and China’s One Child Policy.

What is the theme of found by Haddix?

The story has an overriding theme of finding identity, especially for those who come from adoptive homes. The setting helps establish the heart-warming, coming-of-age plotline that supports an empowering, yet sentimental, mood.

What happens in the among the hidden series?

Luke Garner, a 12-year-old boy, lives on a farm with his mother, father, and two brothers. As a third child, Luke and his parents are in violation of a population law. Luke, like all third children, must spend his days hidden or away from public view, or else he will be killed or imprisoned, as well as his family.

How does among the hidden series end?

In the end, Jen is killed trying to fight for her rights, and Luke takes on a new identity. There are several themes that can be found throughout the book, including friendship, freedom, family, and courage, which is strength in the face of fear and adversity.

What is the meaning of shadow child?

A shadow child was a son or daughter born to an important family, whose birth and identity were kept secret to prevent the entire bloodline being exterminated by rivals.

Who is George in Among the Hidden?

George Talbot: Recurring character from Among the Hidden. Father of Jen Talbot. He is also a double agent on the side of the Shadow Children inside the Population Police.

Is Luke in all the shadow children books?

In the first book, Among the Hidden, Luke Garner is a third child. Luke has been hiding his entire life and hasn’t met anyone outside his immediate family. Then he discovers a shadow child living next door, Jen Talbot. Jen is not only a shadow child but her father is a leader with the Population Police.

What was Jen’s dad trying to explain to Luke about totalitarian governments and the famines?

Jen’s dad tells Luke how the famine freaked people out so much that all they cared about was food. Rightfully so. But then this dude General Sherwood came along and only gave the people food. This started the all-controlling and oppressive Government that Luke is familiar with.

What is the climax of the book Among the Hidden?

In the novel, Among the Hidden, the main character, Luke, finds out that his third child friend, Jen, is dead, and that her father was part of the Population Police. There is a systematic searching of Luke’s house, which is the climax of the story, and the time in which pivotal choices must be made.