Who wrote Only the Lonely by The Motels?


Who wrote Only the Lonely by The Motels?

Martha DavisOnly the Lonely / LyricistMartha Emily Davis is an American rock and new wave singer-songwriter from Berkeley, California. She is most famous for being the lead singer of the band The Motels, but has also made several solo albums, contributed many songs to motion pictures, been on television, and worked onstage with Teatro ZinZanni. Wikipedia

Who wrote only the lonely song?

Roy Orbison
Joe MelsonSammy Cahn
Only the Lonely/Composers

Who sang for the motels?

The MotelsMotels / ArtistThe Motels are an American new wave band from Berkeley, California that is best known for the singles “Only the Lonely” and “Suddenly Last Summer”, each of which peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, in 1982 and 1983, respectively. Wikipedia

What female artist sang only the lonely?

Only the Lonely (The Motels song)

“Only the Lonely”
Genre New wave, pop rock
Length 3:16
Label Capitol
Songwriter(s) Martha Davis

When was the motels Only the Lonely released?

1982Only the Lonely / Released

Who wrote the song Crying?

Joe Melson

Why did Roy Orbison write only the lonely?

Roy Orbison wrote this with his songwriting partner Joe Melson, but intended to offer the song to either Elvis Presley or the Everly Brothers (who had already recorded Orbison’s song “Claudette”). The Everly Brothers persuaded Orbison that he should cut it himself.

Where is the group the motels from?

Berkeley, CAThe Motels / Origin

How old is Martha Davis from the Motels?

71 years (January 19, 1951)Martha Davis / Age

What genre are motels?

The Motels/Genres

Who all sang crying?

Roy OrbisonCrying / Artist