Who wore Senufo mask?


Who wore Senufo mask?

Poro society
It is a carved wooden helmet mask, which means it is worn over the whole head, and is used in the funerals of the Senufo people. Members of the Poro society, a “secret men’s society,” wear it during the funeral ceremonies of their deceased members to honor them as well as well as ward off evil spirits.

What are African ceremonial masks used for?

Masks serve an important role in rituals or ceremonies with varied purposes like ensuring a good harvest, addressing tribal needs in times of peace or war, or conveying spiritual presences in initiation rituals or burial ceremonies. Some masks represent the spirits of deceased ancestors.

What does the Kwele mask look like?

Kwele masks have two large horns which sometimes encircle and frame the face. Areas of the face are often painted with white kaolin clay, the color of the spirits. Kwele ‘ekuk’ masks are beautifully stylised with a heart shaped face, almond shaped eyes and a small or non-existent mouth.

Where did the Kwele mask originate?

The Kwele masks originate from the rain forests of Gabon on the western coast of Africa and are hand carved by the Bwete association.