Who owns Secor Auto?


Who owns Secor Auto?

Charlie Secor, Jr.
Owner principal, Charlie Secor, Jr., founded Secor’s Auto in 1971 on a small lot where he displayed and serviced quality, low mileage used cars.

What does desking mean in car dealership?

Sometimes called a “car jacket.” Desking a Deal — During a car sale, this is the process of presenting options to a customer in order to come to an agreement on the selling price, monthly payment, and financing terms for the car purchase.

Is it better to buy a used car from big dealer or small dealer?

The best overall option is to find a large used car dealer who has been in the business for a while and has a great reputation. A large used car dealer will have a large and diverse supply of vehicles, and that means for choices and variety for you. And when it comes to selecting used cars, the more variety the better.

What does RDR mean in automotive?

Retail Delivery Registration
Remember the last time you were relying on Retail Delivery Registration (or RDR) to hit your monthly targets? Every Q4 dealers face a harsh reality – the sales targets add up from previous months. Dealers often have to turn to RDR as they barely hit yearly sales targets.

What is a deal jacket?

“A deal jacket is a vehicle transaction in which the dealership is acting as a bank. Due to this, there are many regulations and requirements that must be followed, and forms, disclaimers, and signatures are all dependent on the specific deal.

How do car dealers make money?

Car dealerships make money from three primary areas of their operation; Sales, Service, and the Finance and Insurance (F&I) departments. If you’re in the market for a new car, simply interested in learning more about how car dealerships operate, or ended up here by accident, you’re in luck!

How do car salesmen make money?

How does a car salesperson earn money? A car salesperson is likely to work with a car dealership and receive a relatively low starting salary. To compensate for this low base wage, they earn the majority of their money from sales commissions, which is when a salesperson gets paid a percentage of the total sale price.

Where do car dealerships make the most money?

According to NADA, nearly 37 percent of a dealership’s gross profit comes from the sale of F&I products and service contracts on new and used cars. A dealership’s service and parts department accounts for 44 percent of the dealership’s gross profits, according to NADA.

How do you know if a car dealership is good?

Here are four signs you’ve found a trustworthy dealership worth your business.

  1. Salespeople Who Listen. In commission-based businesses, a bigger sale means more money in their pockets (a situation that can take the focus away from the customer’s needs).
  2. No Bait and Switch.
  3. Reliable Information.
  4. Positive Reviews.

What does RDR stand for?


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RDR Radar
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