Who owns Clico?


Who owns Clico?

CL Financial
In a Trinidad Guardian press release on January 30, 2009, it was announced that the TT Government would “bail out” CL Financial, the parent company of Clico, Angostura and several other local and regional businesses.

What happened to the insurance company Clico?

The Clico headquarters located on St. Vincent Street Port of Spain. The Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Ltd (CLICO) now owes the Government $1.21 billion as part of its 2009 bailout arrangement. It’s taken 12 years to have the debt reduced from $18 billion in 2009 to now $1.2 billion in 2021.

Who owns CL Financial Trinidad?

The Clico headquarters located on St. Vincent Street Port of Spain. ASSET by asset, the liquidators of the CL Financial group are selling off the company that it took Cyril Duprey and his nephew, Lawrence, 73 years to build up.

When did Clico collapse?

January 30 marks the 12th anniversary of the news conference at the Central Bank at which then Governor, Ewart Williams, and former Minister of Finance, Karen Tesheira, announced the collapse of CLICO, which was then T’s largest and most influential insurance company.

What does clico mean?


Acronym Definition
CLICO Colonial Life Insurance Company

Who is Lawrence Duprey?

An ingenious Lawrence Duprey acquired his uncle’s homegrown Clico steadfastly transforming it into Trinidad’s largest private company, and among the Caribbean’s top ten, converting small insurance premiums into over 65 global companies in 32 countries comprising malls, 55 per cent stake in Republic, distribution, Clico …