Who is the SDM of Delhi Cantt?


Who is the SDM of Delhi Cantt?

Sh. Piyush Rohankar
District New Delhi

Name Designation Phone
Ms. Geeta Grover SDM, Chanakya Puri 011-22336228
Sh. Piyush Rohankar SDM, Delhi Cantt 011-23382990
Sh. Harshit Jain SDM,Vasant Vihar 011-24678057
Sh. B.L. Meena SDM, Election 011-23386410

How many SDM are there in Delhi?

These 11 districts are divided into 33 sub-divisions of Delhi, each headed by a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM)….List of Districts of Delhi.

No. 2
District East Delhi
Location of Headquarters Shastri Nagar
Sub-divisions (Tehsils) Gandhi Nagar
Mayur Vihar

How can I contact SDM office in Delhi?

Office of SDM Civil Lines, NDPL Office Building Near Panchayat Bhawan, Burari, Delhi-110084. Contact No….Contact Details at e-District Delhi.

The call center is functioning from 09:30 AM to 06:00 PM on all working days except Sunday.
The query/complaints/suggestions are also received through email.

How many SDM are there in a district?

To maintain the general administration of the district there is one additional district magistrate and three sub-divisional magistrate for the assistance of district magistrate.

Who is bigger DM or SDM?

A DM has greater powers than SDM. There is only one DM in a district. Both DM and SDM enjoy similar perks and benefits in their service, but a DM will get a little increase in their salary.

Is tehsildar and SDM same?

They are also the tax collectors, and also accompany the Revenue Inspectors for collection of taxes from a Tehsil with respect to Revenue of the Lands. Whereas a Sub Divisional Magistrate given to the head official or district sub divisional administrative offices, that is sometimes below the district level.

How many ADM are there in Delhi?

Name of the officer with Designation Office E-mail
Sh. Amit Kumar, ADM(North-West) 25953786 [email protected]
Sh.Nagendra Shekhar Tripaty, ADM (Central) 23284932 [email protected]
Mrs.Priyanka Kumari, ADM(South) 29536774 [email protected]
Sh.P.R.Tripathi, ADM(South-East) 26476404 [email protected],[email protected]

Who is bigger ADM or SDM?

SDM is Sub-divisional magistrate while Senior deputy collector that id ADM i.e. Additional District Magistrate who is just after the DM i.e. District Magistrate or collector. Now, here SDM is responsible only for a Revenue division or Sub-division or Sub-district.

Who is bigger IAS or SDM?

After two years of training, an IAS probationer becomes SDM. A district has more than one SDM.