Who is the guy with a patch on his eye in Avengers?


Who is the guy with a patch on his eye in Avengers?

Nick Fury
Nick Fury is an African-American, and has a black complexion. He is bald, and has only one eye which is his right eye. His left eye is covered by a black eye patch, and has a couple of scars from Goose the flerken, as seen in Captain Marvel.

Who is the guy with the eye patch in Iron Man 2?

Colonel Nick Fury
Who Is He? Played by Samuel L. Jackson, Colonel Nick Fury is the black duster-and eye-patch-wearing director of S.H.I.E.L.D. First joining up during World War II, when he led a team called The Howling Commandos, he quickly rose in the ranks, graduating to the C.I.A.

How did the guy in Avengers lose his eye?

In the comic Fury loses his eye in a Nazi grenade blast. But in the MCU, Fury is sensitive about the subject of his eye and doesn’t want to talk about why he wears an eyepatch. It was revealed in Captain Marvel that he lost his eye when Goose scratched him.

Why did Goose scratch Nick’s eye?

Following the death of her owner, Goose went with Carol Danvers and Nick Fury into space during their quest to find Mar-Vell’s Laboratory. After saving survived Skrull refugees and protecting the Tesseract from Starforce and Kree soldiers, Goose was responsible for permanently blinding Fury’s left eye with her claws.

Why does Samuel L. Jackson wear an eye patch?

The directors of Captain Marvel have revealed why Nick Fury had to lose his eye the way he did. The ’90s-set film saw MCU fans finally learn the truth of how the SHIELD agent (played by Samuel L Jackson) came to wear his iconic eyepatch, as his eye was scratched out by the unpredictable cat Flerken Goose.

Who Is the Black Man in Avengers?

Anthony Mackie
Mackie at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con
Born Anthony Dwane Mackie September 23, 1978 New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Education Juilliard School (BFA)
Occupation Actor

Can Thanos eat geese?

Goose Can Beat Thanos, or Save The Avengers If the Avengers time travel in Endgame to a point before Thanos gains all the Infinity Stones, having Goose swallow him whole would be akin to stranding him in a temporal/spatial limbo.

Is Nick Fury a villain?

However, Marvel’s Heroes Reborn event takes things a step further, heavily implying that Fury is actually a full-on villain.