Who is the Collector of Tiruvannamalai?


Who is the Collector of Tiruvannamalai?

tiruvannamalai district collector Prashant M Wadnere has said he will do manual work for two hours every Saturday as part of the district administration’s efforts to revive water bodies.

Who is the Collector of Tiruvannamalai in 2021?

List of Collectors

S.No Name To
20 K.S.KANDASAMY 14.11.20
21 SANDEEP NANDURI 15.06.2021

How do I contact Tiruvannamalai collector?

District Collector

  1. Email : collrtvm[at]nic[dot]in.
  2. Designation : District Collector.
  3. Mobile No : 9444137000.
  4. Landline No : 04175233333.

Is Tiruvannamalai is a district?

Administrative Units. Tiruvannamalai District was created from erstwhile North Arcot District on 30-09-1989. The district is surrounded by Kanchipuram district in the East, Villupuram district in the south, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Districts in the West and Vellore District in the North as its boundaries.

How many district are there in Tiruvannamalai?

The district is divided into 12 Taluks—Arani, Chengam, Tiruvannamalai, Polur, Thandarampattu, Vandavasi, Kalasapakkam, Chetpet , Kilpennathur, Jamunamarathoor, Cheyyar and Vembakkam….Tiruvannamalai district.

Tiruvannamalai Central Arcot District
Precipitation 5,646 millimetres (222.3 in)
Website /www.tiruvannamalai.tn.nic.in/

Who built Thiruvannamalai temple?

The temple is very enormous with an area covers around 25 acres and the East gopuram built by King Krishnadevarayar with a height of 217 ft which is the second tallest gopuram in Tamilnadu.

How many villages are there in Tiruvannamalai district?

Revenue Administration

S.no Name of Taluk No. of Revenue Villages
1 Tiruvannamalai 135 (PDF 61 KB)
2 Polur 94 (PDF 114 KB)
3 Chengam 107 (PDF 66 KB)
4 Cheyyar 131 (PDF 62 KB)

Who is the collector of Kanchipuram district?


Name Designation Phone
Dr. M. Aarthi I.A.S., District Collector 044-27237433
Thiru. R. Panneer Selvam District Revenue Officer 044-27237945
Tmt. B. Sree Devi Project Director, DRDA 044-27237153
Thiru. V. Maharani PA(General) to Collector 044-27237789