Who is the best Halo 3 player?


Who is the best Halo 3 player?

Top Player Rankings in MLG Pro Circuit for Halo 3

Player ID Player Name
1. Elamite Kyle Elam
2. FearItSelf Justin Kats
3. Pistola Justin Deese
4. Snipedown Eric Wrona

What rank are pro Halo players?

Top Player Rankings in MLG Pro Circuit for Halo: Reach

Player ID Total (Overall)
1. Lunchbox $222,080.00
2. Roy $213,775.00
3. OGRE2 $295,293.43
4. Pistola $386,635.00

Who won the most Halo 3 tournaments?


  • Elamite faced his brother Ace during the MLG Dallas 2010 National Championship loser bracket finals.
  • Elamite first teamed with Ace at the MLG Winter Championship 2012 on team Shady Halo Kids.
  • Elamite holds the record for most major Halo 3 tournaments won, with seven.

Is Halo still competitive?

Major League Gaming (MLG) took esports to the next level in North America and brought competitive Halo into the spotlight. So what happened? Competitive Halo fans will point to Halo: Reach and Halo 4 as the cause of the decline of Halo esports.

Why is Halo 3 considered the best?

The game was not only a critical and commercial success but taken as a whole, it still stands as the pinnacle of the series. Halo 3 delivered the best overall representation of the Halo experience: an epic campaign with high production values; fluid first-person shooter gameplay; a deep and robust online experience.

Did Halo 3 sell well?

Halo 3 grossed US$170 million in its first day of release, and $300 million its first week. More than one million people played Halo 3 on Xbox Live in the first twenty hours. To date, Halo 3 has sold in excess of 14.5 million copies.

Does Ogre 2 still play?

He and his twin brother Dan (“Ogre 1”) are known as the “Ogre Twins”. In 2005, he and his brother won the gold medal in Halo 2 at the World Cyber Games….

Current team
Games Halo Call of Duty Shadowrun
Playing career Until 2016
Coaching career 2017–present

How much do Halo pros make?

Similarly, Halo 4 marked a significant dip for the pro scene as well….Top 20 Halo players: Highest earners (November, 2021)

No. Player Earnings
1 LethuL $640,500.00
2 SnakeBite $629,037.50
3 Royal2 $626,337.50
4 Frosty $577,975.00