Who is the best fashion designer in Kenya?


Who is the best fashion designer in Kenya?

Top 10 Fashion Designers from Kenya

  • KikoRomeo. This is another leading design house based in Kenya employing many well-known designers.
  • Sally Karago. Of the veteran fashion designers in Kenya, Sally Karago stands out.
  • Wambui Mukenyi.
  • Yvonne Odhiambo.
  • Evelyne Akinyi Odongo.
  • Vivienne Taa.
  • John Kaveke.
  • Patricia Mbela.

How much is a fashion designer paid in Kenya?

Salary rankings by profession

Job type Median salary (USD) Salary ranking compared to all cities
Fashion Designer $14,015 220/265
QA Engineer $13,577 235/265
Interior Designer $12,725 226/265
Lecturer $12,619 236/265

Who is the best clothes designer?

TOP Fashion Designers In The World

  1. Coco Chanel – (CHANEL)
  2. Ralph Lauren – (Ralph Lauren Corporation)
  3. Tom Ford – (TOM FORD)
  4. Yves Saint Laurent – (YSL)
  5. Christian Louboutin – (Christian Louboutin)
  6. Marc Jacobs – (MARC JACOBS)
  7. Calvin Klein – (Calvin Klein Inc.)
  8. Donatella Versace – (VERSACE)

What is Kenya from Project Runway doing now?

What she’s doing now: She’s the lead designer for Sylvia Mollie clothing And she is planning to put together a summer camp for inner-city kids who are interested in fashion and design called “I’m Sew Fantastic!”

What does traditional clothing look like in Kenya?

Known as the Kenyan cloak, the design features an ankle-length robe and long cloak for women, while men wear a shirt with a slashed collar and a cape across one shoulder. Both costumes come in the colours of the flag: red, green and black.

What is Kenya’s fashion?

Kenyan fashion is evident with a variety of their traditional clothing. Dresses are typically called Masaiare dress (national attire of Kenya), Masai, Kanga, and more. These outfits are usually dressed up with accessories on the neck and wrist. They use many decorating items and things to bright-up their dresses.

How much do tailors earn in Kenya?

Check your pay Salary range for the majority of workers in Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and hatters – from Ksh21,264 to Ksh75,363 per month – 2022. A Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and hatters typically earns between Ksh21,264 and Ksh37,896 net per month at the start of the job.

How much does a fashion designer earn per month in Kenya?

What is the salary in fashion designing? The Starting salary for a fashion designer in Kenya is Ksh. 45,000 and more experienced fashion designer whose works is a perfection can command a salary f Ksh. 121,000 per month as they attract high end clients such as celebrities.

Who Is Sylvia Mollie?

KENYA FREEMAN is the CEO and Senior Lead Designer of Sylvia Mollie Collections – an American lifestyle brand that embodies bold femininity with transitional ready-to-wear pieces, and effortless makeup.

Where is Ayana from Project Runway?

Ayana Ife, the MTSU grad who finished as runner-up on a recent season of “Project Runway,” is now in Italy to study fashion.