Who is required to complete the ADEQ notice of transfer for an on-site wastewater treatment facility?


Who is required to complete the ADEQ notice of transfer for an on-site wastewater treatment facility?

WHAT IS REQUIRED TO TRANSFER OWNERSHIP OF MY ON-SITE FACILITY? An inspector that is qualified under A.A.C. R18-9-A316, must complete a Report of Inspection form and provide it to the seller as required by the Code. Any significant amount of waste must also be pumped from each tank.

Which Arizona entity requires alternative wastewater inspection no later than 20 days after contract acceptance?

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) rules require a pre-transfer inspection by Seller. Facility Inspection: Seller shall have the Facility inspected at Seller’s expense within six (6) months prior to Close of Escrow, but no later than twenty (20) days or _____ days after Contract acceptance.

How much is a septic transfer fee in Arizona?

$50 per parcel
The transfer fee is $50 per parcel, regardless of the number of treatment facilities on the parcel. When submitting an Onsite Wastewater Septic Treatment Facility Notice of Transfer (NOT) by mail, please complete the entire NOT form.

Who pays for septic inspection in Arizona?

the seller/owner
Septic Inspections Home Seller – Who Pays For The Septic Tank Inspection? It’s Arizona law that the seller/owner is responsible for requesting septic tank inspections in Arizona. ADEQ says that the owner/seller if the home must obtain a septic inspection.

Are septic inspections required in Arizona?

The requirement to have the on-site wastewater treatment facility inspected within six months prior to property transfer is a provision of Arizona rule, and takes precedence over any conflicting terms that may exist in any contract pertaining to the property transfer.

How much is a well transfer fee in Arizona?

$30.00 per well
How much does it cost to transfer a well? The cost to change ownership of a well is $30.00 per well.

Can a homeowner install a septic system in Arizona?

SITE EVALUATION – Although conventional septic systems may be installed by the homeowner if certain criteria are met, the site evaluation must be done by an Arizona- registered professional engineer, geologist, sanitarian, an appropriately licensed septic or plumbing contractor (K-41 or L-41) who has completed training …

Is a septic inspection required in Arizona?

How long do septic tanks last in Arizona?

The usual design life of a septic system is 20 years.

How much is a septic inspection in AZ?

Septic Inspection Cost A full septic inspection runs somewhere in the $250-$400 range. Again, location can affect the average price in your area.

How much does a septic inspection cost in AZ?

What is an alternative septic system in Arizona?

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