Who is in the Falling In Reverse just like you video?


Who is in the Falling In Reverse just like you video?

The Zach Merck-directed clip doesn’t just feature The Main Event, but also has cameos from We Are Harlot’s Danny Worsnop, The Word Alive’s Telle Smith and comedian Andy Dick. As for the song, it’s incredibly catchy with a sing-along element to it that’s sure to stick with listeners.

Is Falling In Reverse Cancelled?

Falling In Reverse – CANCELLED | House of Blues.

Who is the other singer in drugs by Falling In Reverse?

Falling In Reverse have released a video for their single Drugs, featuring Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor.

What is Falling In Reverse most famous song?

Best Falling in Reverse Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

  1. Popular Monster.
  3. The Drug In Me Is You.
  4. I’m Not A Vampire.
  5. Sexy Drug.
  6. Good Girls Bad Guys.
  7. Fashionably Late.
  8. Drugs.

Who died in falling in reverse?

Derek Jones
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Derek Jones
Died April 21, 2020 (aged 35)
Genres Post-hardcore pop punk metalcore hard rock glam metal
Occupation(s) Guitarist
Instruments Guitar vocals bass guitar

What album is popular monster on?

Popular MonsterPopular Monster / Album

Why did falling in reverse go to jail?

Radke rose to popularity as the lead singer for post-hardcore band Escape the Fate, but was kicked out in 2008 after being sentenced to prison for violating probation related to his involvement in a 2006 killing. After his release, Radke started a new band, Falling in Reverse, and became its lead singer.

Why did falling in reverse cancel tour?

Falling in Reverse have canceled a planned United States tour this fall due to health matters affecting guitarist Derek Jones’ fiancée, Christina Cetta. The “Episode IV Tour” — with support from Crown the Empire and Tom MacDonald — was set to kick off this Thursday (Nov. 7) in Ventura, California.

How many records has Falling in Reverse?

The group released its debut album, The Drug in Me Is You, on July 26, 2011, which peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard 200, selling 18,000 copies in its first week. On December 17, 2019 the album was certified gold by RIAA equivalent to 500,000 copies sold….

Falling in Reverse discography
Singles 29

What kind of music does Falling in Reverse play?

Falling in Reverse has been categorized as post-hardcore, metalcore, hard rock, pop punk, rap metal, glam metal, and emo. Falling in Reverse’s sound has at times also been described as emo with pop-stylized choruses and a blend between pop and metalcore.