Who is Azrael Ian Montefalco?


Who is Azrael Ian Montefalco?

Azrael Ian Navarro Montefalco III, also known as Azi, is one of the supporting characters in the Until Trilogy and To Stay. He is one of the well-known Montefalco cousins and is the brother of Knoxx and Claudette Montefalco. Aside from the Montefalco Series, he was briefly mentioned in Whipped and made a cameo as well.

What is Montefalco series?

The Montefalco Series starts with a Trilogy. The succeeding stories are all stand alone and interconnected, however, you may or may not read it in order. The lead characters from the series are all from the Montefalco clan. Until He Was Gone.

Is Klare and Elijah related?

Elijah on the other hand, was fully not aware because no one in their family wanted or dared to tell him. It was only after two years when he learned that he and Klare are not really cousins. He was shocked and thought of how pained and broken Klare was, and he was not even at her side to comfort her.

How do you read a Montefalco series?


  1. Until He Was Gone (Book 1 of Until Trilogy)
  2. Until He Returned (Book 2 of Until Trilogy)
  3. Until Forever (Book 3 of Until Trilogy)
  4. To Stay (Montefalco Series #2)
  5. To Fall Again (Montefalco Series #3)
  6. To Be With You (Montefalco Series #4)
  7. To Get Over You (Montefalco Series #5)
  8. From Afar.

Is Elijah Montefalco and Klare cousins?

Highlight succeeding text to read.) we find out that Klare is actually her mom’s anak sa labas or child out of wedlock. Ta-dah! She is not a real Montefalco, hence making her and Elijah NOT cousins.

How many Costa Leona series are there?

Costa Leona Series is composed of two generations, the 3rd Generation (which spans from series #1 to #8) and 2nd Generation (which spans from #9 to #14).

What should I read first in Jonaxx stories?

Read According To Jonaxx’s Recommendation Start with Mapapansin Kaya and then follow that up with Heartless and Worthless as their stories are interconnected somehow. After that, you can go back to Alegria with the other Alegria Boys books, Baka Sakali and End This War.

What is until trilogy by Jonaxx?

The Until Trilogy by Jonaxx is a romance story between supposed cousins Klare Desteen Montefalco and Elijah Riley Montefalco. But since this is fiction, (Spoiler alert! Highlight succeeding text to read.) we find out that Klare is actually her mom’s anak sa labas or child out of wedlock.

Is Costa Leona real place?

Costa Leona is an accommodation in Aklan. Costa Leona is situated northwest of Gibon River, and southwest of Tina-unga Creek.

What is the best story of Jonaxx?


  • •Stories by Jonaxx:
  • •Until He Was Gone (Book 1) -Until He Returned (Book 2)
  • •Every Beast Needs A Beauty (GLS#1) -One Night,One Lie (GLS#2)
  • •Scorching Love (Costa Leona Series #1)
  • •Worthless.
  • •Whipped: Entice (Algeria Girls Series #1)
  • *Baka Sakali 1.
  • *Heartless.

Is Elijah and Klare cousins?