Who does Emma end up with in The Lying Game?


Who does Emma end up with in The Lying Game?

In season two Emma is not with Ethan anymore and has developed feelings for Thayer and are spending more time together. Emma and Sutton continues to switch places. In episode Cheat, Play, Lie Emma and Thayer kiss and are officially a couple.

Do Ethan and Emma end up together in The Lying Game?

Emma goes to tell Ethan that she chooses him over Thayer – unfortunately for Emma, Ethan has chosen Dan over her and ends their relationship for good.

Who is Thayers dad lying?

Mr. Vega
Emma saw a picture of the two thumb wrestling and also when Emma saw their Facebook wall posts….Thayer Vega (Book Character)

Thayer Vega
Family: Mr. Vega (Father) Madeline Vega (Sister)
Romances: Sutton Mercer
Friends: Laurel Mercer Emma Paxton Sutton Mercer
Series Information

What happened to Sutton The Lying Game?

Although Sutton is dead in the books, TV Sutton came close to her death by drowning in a car, but was saved by the woman believed to be her birth mother.

Why did char leave The Lying Game?

Char moves away to live with her dad. recital completely and her mother is more unhappy than she is. To punish Char, her mother gets drunk, so her mom couldn’t take her to the father daughter dance. “Sutton” offers her father as a substitute father and Char jumps at the opportunity.

Who killed Sutton Mercer?

Ethan Landry
Ethan Landry is the murderer of Sutton Mercer and Nisha Banerjee. It is revealed that he was so in love with Sutton that he would do anything for her such as trying to find her birth mother. He killed her out of rejection….Ethan Landry (Book character)

Ethan Landry
General Information
Gender: Boy
Romances: Sutton Mercer Emma Paxton

Why did Emma and Ethan break up The Lying Game?

When she returns she causes Emma and Ethan to break up near the end of the season after Ethan lied about him kissing her and Emma realizing he will always have something for her. Rebecca advises Sutton to reclaim her life, leading Sutton to challenge Emma to a tennis match – winner gets to live as Sutton Mercer.