Who can become member of Delhi Gymkhana Club?


Who can become member of Delhi Gymkhana Club?

“Under the garb of distinctive character of the club which is a relic of the imperial past, the doors for membership are virtually limited to people having blue blood in their veins thereby perpetrating apartheid and shattering the most cherished constitutional goal of securing social justice and equality of status and …

How do you become a member of Gymkhana?

For member of a Mess to become a member of the Lahore Gymkhana it shall be necessary for him/her to submit a form of application duly countersigned in token of their support by the Officer Commanding of his/her Unit and the Mess President or Mess Secretary of the Unit.

How do I become a member of roshanara club?

A dependent candidate seeking membership of the club during the subsistence of permanent membership, (life & ordinary) of the parent shall be eligible for election to ordinary membership of the club, on payment of a sum of Rs. 2,50,000/- plus taxes only byway of entrance fee.

How much does gymkhana membership cost?

“Membership fee is US$10,000, or 14 lakhs in Pakistani rupees. It is not a matter of money, everybody wants to be a member of this club.

How do I become a DHA club member?

Required Documents

  1. Kindly Submit the Form with an Application Fee of Rs.
  2. 4 Pictures with White Background only (Passport Size)
  3. Copy of CNIC or NICOP of Applicant & Spouse.
  4. Copy of Marriage certificate (Not required if Wife CNIC has Husband’s Name).
  5. Copy of Allotment letter in DHA (if any)
  6. Copy of B Form.

What is the origin of gymkhana?

Both the word gymkhana and the event it describes originated in 19th-century India. The word is probably an alteration of the Hindi “gedkhana,” which describes a ball- playing area similar to a racket ball court, with the first syllable influenced by our word gymnasium.

What country does the word gymkhana come from?