Who are the two guys with Michonne?


Who are the two guys with Michonne?

Michonne dreams of her former life with her lover Mike, his friend Terry, and her son, Terry calls Michonne “Mike’s lover”. In the dream, things rapidly progress from their idyllic life to the devastation of the apocalypse. Soon, Mike and Terry appear with no arms like they did when they were walkers.

Who plays Mike in TWD?

Moses J. Moseley
Aldis Hodge
Mike/Portrayed by

Who plays Andre in The Walking Dead?

Andrea (The Walking Dead)

Andrea, as portrayed by Laurie Holden in the television series (left) and in the comic book series (right).
First appearance Comic: “Issue #2” (2003) Television: “Guts” (2010)
Last appearance Comic: “Issue #167” (2017) Television: “What We Become” (2020)
Created by Robert Kirkman Tony Moore

Why does Michonne cry holding Judith?

Michonne appeared to have an aversion to babies, as she vehemently refused to hold Rick’s daughter Judith until Beth Greene forced her to, and, while looking at Judith, shed tears, before hugging Judith close. Michonne later establishes that this is a manifestation of the guilt she feels for losing her own son, Andre.

What did the Governor do to Michonne in the comics?

The Governor has raped Michonne, who is weeping. He says that he enjoyed every minute of it and that she had the right to cry as much as she wanted. Michonne says she’s not crying for herself, she’s crying for him. She says that all of the things she’s going to do to him scare her.

How did Michonne’s boyfriend died?

Death. When walkers attack the camp he is staying at, Mike is unable to fight them off due to being high on drugs and is bitten by multiple walkers. Later, he succumbs to the infection and reanimates.

Why did Michonne say her walkers got what they deserve?

In a previous episode when asked about her “pets” she said “They got what they decerved” So assuming with them being high during the attack, she holds them responsible for the demise of her son. I think she implies that her friends were high and didn’t protect Andre.

Does RJ Meet Rick?

Rick and R.J. have not met — yet. While Lincoln insists he won’t return to The Walking Dead TV series (except to direct an episode in season 10), the possibility of a comeback still exists; after the helicopter escape, nothing should be ruled off-limits in this universe.

Do Michonne and Rick get together?

Official Couple – Became official in season 6. Second Love – For both of them. Rick was married to Lori before she died, and Michonne had a boyfriend named Mike before he died in the apocalypse.

Does Rick give Michonne?

Merle tells him what the Governor is capable of, but Rick stands by his decision to give up Michonne, until he starts seeing visions of Lori again and his conscious kicks back in.