Which tag is used for Scriptlets?


Which tag is used for Scriptlets?

JSP scriptlet tag
A scriptlet tag is used to execute java source code in JSP. Syntax is as follows: <% java source code %>

What are Scriptlets in JSP?

A JSP scriptlet is used to contain any code fragment that is valid for the scripting language used in a page. The syntax for a scriptlet is as follows: <% scripting-language-statements %>

What are Scriplet and explain with an example?

A scriptlet is a piece of software code that is used by a native Web page scripting language to perform a specific function or process. Scriptlets are primarily implemented in JavaServer Pages (JSP) and include variables, expressions or statements that are used only when requested by a certain client or process.

What is expression tag in JSP?

The JSP Expression tag transforms the code into an expression statement that. converts into a value in the form of string object and insert into the implicit output object. Syntax of JSP tag. <%= expression %>

Which tag is used as start and end JSP in a JSP page?

A JSP page looks similar to an HTML page, but a JSP page also has Java code in it. We can put any regular Java Code in a JSP file using a scriplet tag which start with <% and ends with %> .

What are the scripting elements of JSP explain with the help of an example?

JSP Scripting element are written inside <% %> tags. These code inside <% %> tags are processed by the JSP engine during translation of the JSP page….There are five different types of scripting elements.

Scripting Element Example
Comment <%– comment –%>
Directive <%@ directive %>
Declaration <%! declarations %>

What is use of Taglib directive?

The taglib directive declares that your JSP page uses a set of custom tags, identifies the location of the library, and provides means for identifying the custom tags in your JSP page.