Which is the biggest Mental Hospital in Pakistan?


Which is the biggest Mental Hospital in Pakistan?

Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry
Jehangir Institute of Psychiatry is a hospital located in Latifabad suburb of the city of Hyderabad, in Sindh, Pakistan. It was established in 1852 during the British Raj and was named after Jehangir Cowasji Jehangir Readymoney. It is the largest psychiatric hospital in Pakistan.

How many mental hospitals are there in Pakistan?

There are five mental hospitals available in the country for a total of 1.9 beds per 100,000 population. 100% of these facilities are organizationally integrated with mental health outpatient facilities.

What is the name of mental hospital in Lahore?

Punjab Institute of Mental Health
Punjab Institute of Mental Health is an institute situated in Lahore, Pakistan. It is the largest psychiatric facility in South Asia.

What is the status of mental health in Pakistan?

Pakistan is home to about 200 million people, but has one of the poorest mental health indicators and less than 500 psychiatrists for this population size. This paucity of mental health professionals in Pakistan creates a massive treatment gap, leaving more than 90% of people with common mental disorders untreated.

How can I get mental health help in Pakistan?

Description: Umang provides Pakistan’s first 24/7 Mental Health Helpline. It is run by clinical psychologists, therapists, counselors and psychiatrists and operates free of cost for individuals calling in to require professional help.

How can I become a psychiatrist in Pakistan?


  1. MBBS or equivalent degree approved by PM&DC with 58% or above marks in the final examination;
  2. One year internship with six months in Medicine and allied and six months in Surgery and allied disciplines;
  3. FCPS Part I is preferred;
  4. Internship in Psychiatry is preferred.

Who is the owner of Doctors hospital Lahore?

Javaid Asgher – Owner
Javaid Asgher – Owner – Doctors hospital | LinkedIn.

Who is the best doctor in Pakistan?

The following are the top 5 General Physician in Pakistan:

  • Dr. Shahid Siddique.
  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Farkhanda Jabeen.
  • Dr. Munawar Hayat Ahmed.
  • Dr. Nadia Asma Ahmed.
  • Dr. Javed Akram.

How many people in Pakistan are depressed?

In developing countries 10–44% suffers from depression and anxiety disorders, less than 35% receive care and according to an estimated 50.8 million people suffer from major depression [6]….Vital information about Pakistan.

Population of Pakistan 157,93,5000
Total number of psychiatrists 250

Can I become a psychiatrist without MBBS?

No,passing the MBBS is a pre-requisite for being considered for a PG seat in Psychiatry. So,it means without a MBBS degree you cannot be a Psychiatrist. But, definitely you can become a psychologist . For that you need to complete your Bachelors and Masters Degree in Psychology.