Which is the best Amex card in Australia?


Which is the best Amex card in Australia?

American Express Credit Cards Comparison

Name Bonus points Rewards points per $ spent
American Express Velocity Platinum Card Finder Award 100,000 1.25
American Express Velocity Escape Card N/A 0.75
Qantas American Express Premium Card 70,000 1
American Express Low Rate Credit Card Finder Award N/A

Can I get American Express card in Australia?

Choose from our range of Credit Cards in Australia American Express offers you a range of options, from no annual fee Cards to Cards that earn you Membership Rewards and Frequent Flyer points, each with a host of benefits that best fit in with the way you live.

Is American Express worth it in Australia?

Hopefully they will be worth the wait! To be clear, the American Express Platinum card still comes with plenty of useful benefits including Virgin Australia Lounge access and complimentary status with several hotel chains. It’s also a good points-earner. But when it costs $1,450 per year, it needs to be.

How do I check my Amex offers?

It’s quick and easy to search for Amex Offers and add them to your Card through your online account. You can also find Amex Offers in the Amex Mobile App by going to the “Offers” tab. When you see an Offer you like, just click or tap to add the offer to your Card.

Does Amex check income?

No, American Express does not verify income on most credit card applications or credit line increase requests. Amex will generally require income verification only if something seems out of the ordinary, such as a 21-year-old claiming to have an annual income of $150,000.

Is Amex Platinum Card hard to get?

Yes, the American Express Platinum card is hard to get approved for. It will be difficult for the average person to get the American Express Platinum card because of the card’s 700+ credit score and reportedly high income requirements.

Does Aldi accept Amex in Australia?

No, Aldi supermarkets in Australia do not accept American Express cards for payment.

Does Aldi take Amex?

What forms of payment are accepted at ALDI stores? A. We accept several forms of payment including cash, most debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), SNAP, Link cards and contactless pay such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Are Amex offers good?

The bottom line AmEx Offers can be a valuable benefit of AmEx cards. Cardmembers can potentially earn hundreds of dollars in statement credits or tens of thousands of bonus points by enrolling and making purchases. However, AmEx Offers are only valuable when used.

Do all Amex cards have Amex offers?

All personal and business Amex cards (plus registered American Express Serve Cards and Bluebird Cards) are eligible for Amex Offers. They will automatically be available through your online account or the Amex Mobile app.