Which hand do you use for palm reading?


Which hand do you use for palm reading?

In mainstream palm reading, gender traditions are ignored. It is believed that the right hand – the dominant hand for most people — represents now and the future, and thus can be changed with time and experience, while the left hand represents the past and traits the person was born with.

What does the index finger mean in palmistry?

social self
Hand analysts will call it the Jupiter finger. Also called the index finger, this is the finger that indicates your social self. There you can locate your capacity for leadership, as well as your relations with significant people in your life.

What does 4 lines on fingers mean?

What does it mean if my right hand index finger has 4 lines? Index or Jupiter finger stands for ambition, self-esteem, power, success, and spirituality. Any horizontal line denotes obstacle or block of these qualities. It is like having a short index finger.

What does a crooked index finger mean?

Clinodactyly is the clinical term for an abnormally bent or curved finger, usually caused by abnormal development of the small bones of that finger. It could also stem from the growth plate of the hand having an atypical shape, or the bones might be growing in an atypical direction.

What does a broken life line mean?

Broken Life Line in the Palm The breaks predict illness or accidents during the person’s lifetime. The length of the broken part indicates the duration and severity of the illness or accident. No matter whether the life line is long or short, you can divide it into three sections.

How do you check your life line?

The life line is the next prominent line on the hand. It is typically curved but may run vertically or at an angle, and may intersect the head line and/or the heart line. To find it, look for the semi-curved line that starts between the thumb and index finger and runs down toward the wrist.