Where is weed seeds Express located?


Where is weed seeds Express located?

of Haarlem
Weedseedsexpress is a Dutch company based in the city of Haarlem (Netherlands), which is right smack in the middle of one of the globe’s cannabis epicenters.

Where does weed originate from?

Central Asia
A 2016 study by other scientists said that the earliest records for cannabis were mostly from China and Japan, but most botanists believe that it was probably first domesticated in the eastern part of Central Asia, where wild varieties of the plant are widespread.

Where is Crop King seeds located?

Vancouver, Canada
Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada; Crop King Seeds is a seed bank company that is popular for its wide variety of cannabis seeds, THC strains, new age hybrid strains, beginner strains, and many more.

How long does it take to get seeds from Ilovegrowingmarijuana?

How Long Does It Take to Get Seeds from ILGM? Once payment is confirmed, shipping to the US takes just 2 business days. This is subject to stock availability, though, as some strains might not be available immediately. In such cases, delivery can take up to 10 days.

What is the most mold resistant outdoor strain?

Mold-resistant cannabis strains include:

  1. Thai Sativa. Thai Sativa is a landrace strain that is hardy and takes rather long to grow, you may be waiting long into January to harvest.
  2. Afghan Kush.
  3. Durban Poison.
  4. Colombian Gold.

Is Herbies Seeds reliable?

The Verdict: Herbies is Legit And thanks to the staggering choice of high-quality seeds, as well as a plethora of deals and special offers, you’ll find any strain you might fancy, and at competitive prices too. Try Herbies once, and it’ll probably become your only place for buying cannabis seeds in the future.

What is photoperiod seed?

Regular (Photoperiod) Seeds 101 Regular seeds produced the way nature intended them are photoperiod. They will need transitions in light schedule and will grow both male and female plants. Female cannabis plants produce seeds when exposed to pollen produced by male plants.