Where can I buy a GREY parrot in PA?


Where can I buy a GREY parrot in PA?

African grey parrot for adoption in Pennsylvania

  • (203) 978-3876.
  • hunchograck@gmail.com.
  • http://Lbmarketplace.com/

How much can you buy an African Grey Parrot for?

The exact price of the bird will depend on type, age, gender, etc., but for an African Grey Parrot, expect a cost of $500 to $4,000. Shop around to find an African Grey Parrot that fits your budget.

How much is an African GREY talking parrot?

Rare birds, they can be expensive. Yes, they can cost upwards of $1,500.

Do you need a permit for an African Grey Parrot?

According to the Western Cape Government website: “Birds in captivity only need a permit if the bird species is classified as protected or endangered”. This rule is much the same across the nation. If you did want to keep a bird that belongs to either of these categories, then you will have to apply for a permit.

How long does an African GREY live for?

23 yearsGrey parrot / Lifespan (In the wild, Estimated)

Why are African grey parrots so expensive?

African greys are expensive primarily due to obtaining an African grey, which requires a lot of time and money for the breeder. Poaching has also decreased their population, causing them to be rarer than most parrots.

Are African Greys friendly?

Are African grey parrots friendly or aggressive? Generally, African grey parrots are very friendly. In the wild, they are gentle with each other. And as pets, they are generally friendly with their owners.

Are African grey parrots good pets?

They can be wonderful and affectionate, but, like other large parrots, African greys are considered high maintenance pets. While “greys” are entertaining and rewarding to keep, they prefer a routine schedule and require a substantial amount of time with their owners.

What is the best age to buy an African GREY parrot?

Although African Greys don’t fully mature until they’re 4 to 6 years old, most experts recommend adopting an African Grey when they’re 2 to 6 months old. Yes, this age will mean you’ll have a number of years to raise an African Grey before they’re fully grown up, but there’s a reason why.

How much is a talking parrot cost?

Rather than mimicking the pitch of a human voice, as many other parrots do, the Indian Ringneck often speaks in their own bird voices. Indian Ringneck prices can range anywhere from $175- $250 to as much as $1,200 for a rarer species or color….

Generic Budgie/Parakeet $15 – $100
Double Yellow Head Amazon $1500 – $3000