Where are radiology techs paid the most?


Where are radiology techs paid the most?

Detailed List Of Radiologic Technician Salaries By State

Rank State Average Wage
1 Nevada $70,770
2 Illinois $64,690
3 Washington $71,020
4 Arizona $65,220

Can you work as a radiology tech while pregnant?

With an employer’s cooperation and appropriate protection in place, a pregnant technologist should be able to work in a radiology setting without harming her fetus.

What are the duties of a radiology technician?

Essential Functions: Prepare patients for radiologic procedures. Escort patients to dressing and x-ray rooms, provide verbal and/or written instructions and assist patients in positioning body parts to be radiographed. Explain procedures and observe patients to ensure patient care, safety and comfort during scan.

What is 28 days rule in radiology?

If pregnancy cannot be excluded the 28 day rule applies The vast majority of routine diagnostic examinations fall into the category of a low dose procedure. If pregnancy cannot be excluded but the menstrual period is not overdue according to the 28 day rule proceed with the examination.

What is 10 day rule in radiography?

The “10 day rule” recommended that, in women of child-bearing potential, non-urgent x ray examinations that entailed pelvic irradiation should be restricted to the first 10 days of the menstrual cycle. Its rationale was to avoid irradiating a fetus before the mother realised that she was pregnant.

What is Rao in radiology?

So a ‘left anterior oblique’ projection of the lumbar spine is performed with the patients left side against the film, and the patient obliquely facing the film. Left anterior oblique is abbreviated ‘LPO’, and right anterior oblique is abbreviated ‘RAO’.