When was the GMT-Master discontinued?


When was the GMT-Master discontinued?

Rolex GMT Master II Ceramic – 116710LN – NEW 2019 DISCONTINUED.

What does GMT stand for in GMT-Master?

Greenwich Mean Time
“GMT” stands for Greenwich Mean Time and like many things in the watch industry is actually rather archaic compared to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), which means something for those in the scientific community. Though the two are often the same.

Can you buy a Rolex Jubilee Bracelet?

You Can Only Buy the Correct Bracelet for Your Watch For example, Rolex won’t sell you a Jubilee bracelet for your Daytona 116500LN because that model was never officially offered with the option of a Jubilee bracelet.

Does Rolex still make the GMT?

Time to say goodbye: The discontinuation of the 116710LN While the change did not mean the demise of the GMT-Master II series, the collection has since been without one of its most versatile and understated models. Its successor, the 116710BLNR “Batman”, has since made the series much sportier than it was in the 1990s.

Do Rolex still make the GMT-Master II?

Therefore, Rolex has completely discontinued manufacturing any yellow gold GMT-Master II models (for now). This is the first time Rolex has not made a yellow gold version of the GMT-Master since the watch’s early days in the 1950s.

Did Rolex invent the GMT?

Working with several of the airline’s most experienced pilots, Rolex created the GMT-Master (for Greenwich Mean Time) Reference 6542 in 1954, featuring a version of the rotatable bezel first seen on a production Rolex in the Turn-O-Graph of the previous year.

What is the 4th hand on a watch?

The fourth hand points to the UTC hour, allowing for timed coordination over multiple time zones. The hand will travel around the face of the watch once every 24 hours.

Does Rolex GMT bezel click?

Since the bezel was friction-fitted onto the watch, it smoothly rotated bi-directionally, and did not ratchet or click like bezel on contemporary GMT-Master references.

How much gold is in a Rolex Jubilee bracelet?

18 karat yellow gold adorns the case and bracelet, offering a substantial weight on the wrist and adding value. Traditional Rolex design ensures that your purchase will never go out of style. The case measures 34mm and is framed by a fluted bezel.