What would you do if you had an extra hour in the day?


What would you do if you had an extra hour in the day?

Here are 101 ideas for activities to creatively spend your free hour.

  1. Take a much-needed, well-deserved nap.
  2. Discover your om: Catch a yoga class.
  3. Take a hot bubble bath.
  4. Enjoy one hour of uninterrupted time with your spouse or significant other.
  5. Grocery shop without kids begging you to buy every sugary snack.

What do do with a friend for an hour?

11 Best Ways to Spend an Hour with a Friend

  1. Strengthen your bond, body, and brain with fun activities that go beyond meeting for coffee.
  2. Explore the Outdoors on a Long Walk.
  3. Start a Book Club.
  4. Join a Community Choir.
  5. Sign Up for an Art Class.
  6. Make a Home-Cooked Meal Together.
  7. Sign Up for a SilverSneakers Class.
  8. Rent Bikes for an Afternoon.

How do you know if a girl is not interested in you through text?

Totally Not Interested

  • There is little to no response and also the communication isn’t super enthused.
  • She sends you a message to stop texting her . . .
  • She doesn’t ask questions to keep the conversation rolling.
  • She never invites you to see her in person or with friends.
  • She doesn’t know who you are when you text her.

What are some crazy things to do?

100 Crazy Things to Do Before You Die

  • Drive a Lamborghini.
  • Hot air ballooning.
  • Go quad biking in Dubai.
  • Waterskiing.
  • Attend bullfight in Spain.
  • Roller coaster ride.
  • Drive faster than 270 km / h.
  • Safari tour through Africa.

What should I do with extra time?

10 Productive Things to Do in Your Extra Time

  1. Make a Plan.
  2. Do What you Dream of Doing.
  3. Learn a New Skill.
  4. Try New Ways of Self-Promotion.
  5. Contact Someone You’d Like to Work With.
  6. Write a Guest Post for a Blog in your Industry.
  7. Re-Visit your Portfolio.
  8. Do Some Research.

What things do best friends do together?

The Ultimate Best Friend Bucket List: Goals & Fun Things to Do With Your BFF

  1. ✦ Binge Watch a TV Series.
  2. ✦ Volunteer.
  3. ✦ Explore a New City Together.
  4. ✦ Go on a Shopping Spree.
  5. ✦ Be Roommates.
  6. ✦ Go to a Paint (& Wine) Night.
  7. ✦ Get Mani-Pedis.
  8. ✧ Get Matching Tattoos.

What Can 3 friends do together?

30 Fun Things To Do With Friends Without Spending Much

  • A potluck dinner party. Host a dinner party and ask everyone to bring a dish to share.
  • Host a spa day. Give each other manicures.
  • Movie marathon.
  • Pinterest party!
  • Go to the park.
  • Have an organization party.
  • Hold a yard sale.
  • Concerts in the park.

How do you know a girl likes you more than a friend?

34 Signs She Likes You More Than A Friend

  1. She flirts with you.
  2. She starts taking an interest in your life.
  3. She finds opportunities to touch you.
  4. She mirrors your body postures.
  5. She communicates her feelings through body language.
  6. She smiles more when you are around.
  7. She doesn’t like to see you with other women.

How do you know you’re being played?

Here are 11 signs you’re getting PLAYED:

  • He’s always on his phone, texting and smiling.
  • He avoids talking about the future.
  • He shows no interest in meeting your friends.
  • He never wants to hang out before 11 pm.
  • He always texts, never calls.
  • He says he’s working late, but his Snapchat tells a different story.