What were the first teams in the CFL?


What were the first teams in the CFL?

CFL Team History

  • BC Lions. Established: 1954. Grey Cup: 6. See Team History.
  • Calgary Stampeders. Established: 1945. Grey Cup: 8. See Team History.
  • Edmonton Elks. Established: 1949. Grey Cup: 0. See Team History.
  • Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Established: 1950. Grey Cup: 8. See Team History.

Who is the oldest team in the CFL?

Based in Toronto, Ontario, the team was founded in 1873, and is the oldest existing professional sports team in North America still using its original name, and they are the oldest-surviving team in both the modern-day CFL and East Division….Toronto Argonauts stadiums.

Stadium Tenure
BMO Field 2016–present

What were the American CFL teams?

The five American teams—Baltimore, Birmingham, Memphis, San Antonio, and Shreveport—would be placed in the South Division, while the eight Canadian teams were included in the North Division.

Why are there no Canadian teams in the NFL?

It has been suggested that one of the reasons the NFL would not want to put a franchise in Canada and risk putting the CFL out of business is that the CFL offers antitrust protection as a competing league.

Did CFL ever have an American team?

The CFL plays a brand of gridiron football which is distinct from that played in the US. The first American team, the Sacramento Gold Miners, joined in 1993. The league expanded to four American teams in 1994 and five in 1995. In the last year, the teams were aligned into a new South Division.

Will Canada join the NFL?

In fact, the NFL doesn’t have a Canadian team. By and large, Canadian footballers take part in the CFL—the Canadian Football League—although Canadians are free to join the American League teams.

Can a Canadian team join the NFL?

The shortest, simplest answer to this question is that Canada already has a professional football league. It’s called — get ready for it — the Canadian Football League. Yes, there are Canadian teams in the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association.