What was the key difference between French and British colonies?


What was the key difference between French and British colonies?

While the French were primarily interested in the trade with native Americans, the British were more inclined towards the exploitation of their land and this would bring them in direct conflict with native Americans.

Why were the British colonies more successful than the French?

The British were ultimately more successful than the Dutch and French in colonizing North America because of sheer numbers. The rulers back in Europe actually made it very difficult for French and Dutch settlers to obtain and manage land. They tended to be stuck on the old European model of feudal land management.

Who is richer than the Queen of England?

According to a report in the Guardian, Akshata’s assets make her richer than Elizabeth II, the Queen of England. The report states that Akshata reportedly owns shares worth British pound sterling (GBP) 480 million, which is roughly Rs 4,200 crore, in Narayana Murthy’s tech company Infosys.

What was the main difference between British rule in India and French rule in Indochina?

Answer: A key difference between British Raj in India and French rule in Indochina is the role of local elites in the running of affairs. In India, the British did not touch the traditional Hindu social structures, but allowed the local princes, the maharajas, to keep control of their territories.

Who is the richest families in the world?

Top 10 of the Wealthiest Families in the World

  • Walton Family – Walmart. Estimated Wealth: $215 billion1
  • Mars Family – Mars. Estimated Wealth: $120 billion1
  • Koch Family – Koch Industries.
  • Al Saud – Saudi Royal Family.
  • Ambani Family – Reliance Industries.
  • Dumas Family – Hermès.
  • Wertheimer Family – Chanel.
  • Johnson Family – Fidelity Investments.

How much does the Queen of England get paid?

The Queen receives a salary. Her income recently doubled, rising to $97.2 million. The private income from the Duchy of Lancaster rose in 2017. It comes from a portfolio of land held in trust for the current reigning monarch.

What was the difference between the French and the British in colonial leadership?

Both administered from a distance in the same manner. The British relied on native princes and local troops to maintain control. The French sent French colonial governors to maintain control. Students were sent to France and England to study abroad before allowed to lead and control their country.