What was the happiest day for grandmother?


What was the happiest day for grandmother?

The happiest moment of the day for the grandmother was when she sat in the verandah and fed the sparrows. Hundreds of birds would come and perch on her. She would break the bread into little pieces and feed them.

How does the writer describe his grandmother?

Answer. Khushwant Singh describes his grandmother as Short ,fat and a little Stooped. He also describes her as being not pretty in the traditional sense but her serenity made her beautiful as she always used to chant silent prayers from beads of rosary. She was always in spotless white.

Why could the grandmother not walk straight?

Answer: The grandmother was short, fat and little bent. She was an old woman. She used to hobble around the house in spotless white clothes by resting one hand on her waist to support or balance her stoop.

What makes the grandmother beautiful?

Class 11 Question grandmother may not have been pretty but accordind to khushwant singh she was beautiful. she possessed deep spiritual beauty. her loving and caring nature made the author to say this. Apart from being the largest Class 11 community, EduRev has the largest solved Question bank for Class 11.

What made grandmother unhappy in the city?

Answer: Grandmother is unhappy with the city’s education because she is of old thoughts. She liked the teaching in the schools of the village where they taught about religion and the gods. She didn’t like that school does not teach a thing about religion which according to her was the most important thing.

What is the theme of this poem Her reply?

Raleigh’s response to Marlowe’s poem takes the perspective of a woman who is following the rules of courtly love. She is also noting the fleeting manner of young love. All the things that the shepherd is promising only last for a season and then are gone.

How was Khushwant Singh grandmother?

What was the last sign of physical contact between them?

Answer. The last sign of the physical contact between the author and the grandmother is when she kissed in the narrator’s forehead.

What was the happiest half hour of the day for grandmother?

The grandmother would sit in the verandah breaking the bread into little bits for the sparrows. Hundreds of sparrows would gather around her. They would perch on her legs, shoulders and even on the head. Feeding the sparrows was the happiest half-hour of the day for her.

What is the main theme of the poem grandmother?

The main idea of the poem “Grandmother” is that “love and kindness never dies”. Although the poet’s grandmother is no longer in this world, she has become a source of love and inspiration for the poet. He says, “she is all-loving,all-inspiring”, while still recalling her in his memories.

Was the grandmother educated How can you tell?

No, she was not educated as you can see that when narrator used to study subjects like english, etc., she won’t liked those subjects as the schools were not giving any knowledge about the god and scriptures. She also couldn’t help him on his homework.

What is the tone of the poem grandmother?

The poem is in the tone of nostalgia because he extremely misses his grandmother. Critical Analysis of the Poem: The poem can also be interpreted from the cultural point of view. As grandmother has a symbolic connection with the oldest part of the earth “a voice coming from the rock”.

What was the happiest half hour?

The happiest half hour for grand mother was when she used to feed sparrows in the afternoon. Thousands of sparrows would come and sit around her or on her lap, forehead. She fed them bread crumbs and never shooed them away.

What is the meaning of grandmother?

1 : the mother of one’s father or mother. 2 : a female ancestor.