What should I say to Ciri at the Tower?


What should I say to Ciri at the Tower?

Ciri dies

  • Say “Relax, you don’t have to be good at everything,” when comforting Ciri during Blood on the Battlefield.
  • Missable: Choose to visit the Emperor during Blood on the Battlefield, and say “Definitely need it more than you” to accept payment for bringing Ciri to him.

Should I let Ciri fight the white frost?

It’s down to the choices you make following the Blood on the Battlefield quest (after the battle at Kaer Morhen and the funeral service). Ciri must have confidence in herself. She will always defeat the White Frost in all endings but she may not have the confidence in herself to survive.

What do you say to Ciri after the Battle of Kaer morhen?

After Ciri and Avallac’h exit Kaer Morhen keep, you’ll get a chance to either console Ciri by saying “Relax, you don’t need to be good at everything.” or cheer her up by saying “Think I know what might lift your spirits.” The first option causes her to doubt herself, while the latter causes her to gain confidence.

What happens if you let Ciri fight Imlerith?

What happens if you let Ciri fight Imlerith? Note: During the main quest, Blood on the Battlefield, Ciri will ask Geralt to go with her to fight Imlerith. If you agree to go you will not be able to unlock the Ciri is Empress ending, and you will not see the second choice.

Is Avallach a traitor?

It turned out that, while Avallac’h had not been entirely honest with the witcher, he was no traitor. Ciri had slipped off with him during the battle of her volition in order to – and please pardon the grandiosity, dear reader – save the world.

Can you save Vesemir?

Yet, before the war against The Wild Hunt starts, you should do the Berengar’s Blade quest, which requires talking to Vesemir. You can’t do this later because it’s impossible to save Vesemir at the end of the conflict with Eredin and his troops.

Can Vesemir survive Kaer Morhen?

You meet her while at the Borsodi auction house. She and Vesemir used to be lovers, so she is naturally hurt when she hears about his passing. However, if you do this part of the expansion before the Battle of Kaer Morhen, Vesemir will still be among the living.

What does Avallac H want from Ciri?

In the final book in Sapkowski’s Witcher series, The Lady of the Lake, Ciri accidentally teleported to the Aen Elle realm, and Avallac’h trapped her. After more than a week, he revealed that they wanted her to breed with their king, Auberon Muircetach, and create an heir that would return the Lara gene to them.