What should I Caption my snowboard picture?


What should I Caption my snowboard picture?

38 Clever Captions For Snowboarding And Having Snow Much Fun In The Mountains

  • “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a lift pass.”
  • “The mountains were calling my name.”
  • “Season’s greetings from the slopes.”
  • “Life is better when you’re on a board.”
  • “Snowboarding might as well be a superpower.”

What is a good ski caption?


  • “This girl likes black diamonds.”
  • “Know your limits. Ski beyond them.”
  • “See you on the slopes.”
  • “Keep calm and ski on.”
  • “Rise and glide.”
  • “Happiness is the view from a ski lift.”
  • “Life is better on the slopes.”
  • “Skiing is more than a sport. It’s a way of life.”

What are glades in snowboarding?

Snowboarding Glades They are a combination of moguls and steep terrain, but they also run through the woods, making trees a serious obstacle. You’ll want to use the same pivot turns and soft, flexible knees you use through moguls to weave through trees in the glades.

What do snowboarders call fresh snow?

Powder – The holy grail of skiing and snowboarding, powder is the catch-all word to describe snow that is still fresh and yet to be tracked out by skis and snowboards.

What is shredding the gnar?

SHREDDING THE GNAR: Skiing gnarly (difficult) terrain. Usually not a groomed run, maybe backcountry or moguls. Harder than usual.

What are powder days?

Powder Day or Day of the Powder (Spanish: Día de los Polvos) is celebrated in the southern Spanish village of Tolox on Shrove Tuesday, the final day of the annual Tolox carnival. This local tradition involves the throwing of talcum powder at one another.

What does hitting the slopes mean?

to go skiing
Definition of hit the slopes informal. : to go skiing Let’s hit the slopes early tomorrow.

What does gladed trail mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Glade skiing (also known as glading) is alpine skiing through trees off-trail or on a defined woods trail. Glades are variously sought for their solitude, beauty, or caches of ungroomed powder.