What rapper was Khalil listening to?


What rapper was Khalil listening to?

Which rapper was Khalil listening to right before One-Fifteen pulls him over? The Notorious B.I.G.

Why did Khalil decide to sell drugs for King?

DeVante reveals Khalil hadn’t been a King Lord. King tried to recruit Khalil, but Khalil refused, and King lied at the funeral to save face. Brenda had stolen from King, and Khalil sold drugs to pay off Brenda’s debt.

What does Lisa tell Brenda at the hospital?

Lisa tells Brenda that she has to get treatment for her drug addiction and asks Starr to get her some food. Starr angrily argues that Brenda shouldn’t get to be upset because she wasn’t a good mother to Khalil. Lisa scolds Starr, reminding her that no matter what, Khalil was Brenda’s son.

Who was Starrs grandfather?

Who was Starr’s grandfather? Big Don, a powerful civil rights leader.

How did Starr dry snitch on King?

For example, Starr dry snitches during her television interview when she says Khalil only sold drugs to help pay off his mother’s debt to the “biggest drug dealer and gang leader in the neighborhood.” Though she does not mention King by name, she understands that anyone familiar with Garden Heights will know who she is …

Why do the police stop to talk to Maverick and Mr Lewis?

Lewis knows Maverick is not dangerous. However, the police ignore Mr. Lewis both because they view Maverick as threatening—in a parallel of Khalil’s death—and because they seek retaliation for Starr’s testimony.

Why did Uncle Carlos punch Officer 115?

Uncle Carlos admits that he punched One-Fifteen when he learned One-Fifteen pointed a gun at Starr. Uncle Carlos says he became a cop to protect Starr and Garden Heights. Starr objects that he can’t protect them if he’s fired.

Why does Ms Rosalie get mad at Khalil’s funeral?

Mrs. Rosalie’s anger reflects that many in Garden Heights do not approve of King and want to rid their neighborhood of gang influence. Starr is appalled to think that Khalil could have become a King Lord, knowing how much pain and violence gangs and drugs have wreaked on Garden Heights.

How does Khalil’s funeral make Starr feel?

Starr’s family arrives at Khalil’s funeral. When Starr takes her turn to view the casket, she thinks Khalil’s corpse looks like a mannequin. An usher leads her family to the front row, and Starr feels uncomfortable with the prominent position.

Who is Kenya The Hate U Give?

Dominique Fishback
The Hate U Give (2018) – Dominique Fishback as Kenya – IMDb.