What PSI is Fox 36?


What PSI is Fox 36?

Do not exceed maximum air pressure: 36 FLOAT and Rhythm maximum air pressure is 120 psi.

What does a Fox 36 Weigh?


36 Performance Elite GRIP2 Forks
Mud Guard Mount Optional FOX 36/38 Mud Guard with sturdy 4-point direct-mount attachment
Steerer 1.5 Taper
Starting Weight 1965 g

How much travel does a Fox 36 fork have?

The 36 received a redesign with a curved arch that provides more clearance, lower leg air bleeders, and the updated Grip2 damper, the 36 is now better than ever! Best suited for 150-170mm travel options, the Fox 36 is the perfect enduro fork with a ton of options to fit almost any bike.

How do I add air to my FOX 36?

Remove the bottom nut and crush washer. Compress the fork as much as possible. The air piston will be visible about one inch below the top of the upper tube. Push the bottom of the air shaft upwards to push the air piston out of the top of the upper tube.

Is Fox 36 a good fork?

Conclusion. On the trail, the FOX 36 Factory feels, well, like a FOX 36. It’s a fork at the very top of its game. The GRIP2 damper gives huge control over the rebound and compression circuits with both high- and low-speed adjustment and once dialled in, grip and support are exceptional.

How much is a Fox 36?

FOX 36 Factory Suspension Fork – 27.5″, 160 mm, 15QR x 110 mm, 44 mm Offset, Shiny Black, FIT4, 3-Position. $1,069.00.

Are FOX 36 better than FOX 34?

If your only option is the fit4, the 36 is worth it for the damper alone. The 34 saves a little less than 200g, but I still think thats a very hard sell since the fork doesnt work very well. It is a little meaty, but its still under 2000g (the 36). Its not obscenely heavy or anything, it wouldnt be cumbersome.

How much is a FOX 36?